WolfoWitch Should Go!

Hawk Paul Wolfowitz was one of Bush’s most ardent supporters of the Iraq war and one of it’s leading architects.  And to reward him for his efforts there (which as the world knows, resulted in failure of epic proportions and a country in chaos), George-almighty twit*-Bush decided to promote him.  He went and made him head of the World Bank – a decision which was all very befuddling to the wiser and more noble citizens and people of governmental officialdom because anyone with an ounce of nous knew just how unilateral, arrogant and extreme this guy’s mentality was – at a time when the International Community was most very muchly in need of some serious bridge-building and cooperation.  But Hey ho, Bushy got his way and his Wolf chum got his position.  And Europe rightly saw it as a slap in the face for them.

And in this most important and responsible of roles, Wolfy-boy has recently been caught out in a corruption scandal involving him arranging a promotion and pay-rise for his girlfriend then hiding the evidence.  Thus, rendering his promises to make corruption within the WB his top priority rather meaningless and invalid. 

Anyway, this is nepotism of the grossest kind and is yet another example of politicians disregarding equality and fairness by exploiting their positions to look after their own kind.

The World Bank has failed the world’s poor, no mistaking that.  And Wolfowitz doesn’t seem to have had any positive impact.  But for all its faults, and there are many, the last thing the WB needs is a corrupt neo-con leader who got so much wrong on Iraq.  If you want to see him go, those lovely people at Avaaz have brought you another petition to sign.  Click here.   And watch his excuses apology here….if you can stomach it.

*you can go ahead and change that vowel to an ‘a’


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  1. well done for highlighting this corruption, the US Pollies need to be held accountable.

    On a positive note, I met a Texan who doesn’t think the sun shines out of Bush’s ass – he thinks Bush is a fascist. This gave me hope, but he warned that many Americans have an Armageddon mentality. I said, ‘that sounds dangerous’. He said, ‘it is the world should be very scared of America’.


  2. Time for the world countries to consider a change in the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. These should be regional institutions. Where that money controlled by both entities comes from? I bet all of it comes from our taxes.


  3. Hi Bindi, yes, that’s reassuring to know. Thanks.

    Hey Jose, fully agree with you. The World Bank has miserably failed it’s own ethos.


  4. Hi EP,
    It seems this petition is spreading like wild fire. Someone from Toronto sent it to me yesterday. I wonder if it will do anything.?? These guys are appointed obviously, and whilst the US contributes the most funds to the WB, it has the mentality that it can get away with just about anything it wants, i.e. appointing warmongers like Wolfowitz who abuse their positions with little thought and no true remorse.


  5. Wolfowitz cares a peanut for what the world thinks. He has said he’ll stay on.

    Who commands commands, all petitions of resignation will have as a sure destination the dustbin.

    Something more out of the normal is needed.


  6. Hi Loneranger.

    Well, as I understand it, the US government makes contributions to World Bank affiliates as and when projects require it. And generous it is. But as you say, it’s not right that they should use this as leverage to get their own way.

    Hi Jose. Yes, I saw this news too. But he doesn’t get the final say.

    I don’t know if petitions ever work in terms of getting our politicians to change their course of action. But it can’t hurt to let them know the strength of public feeling on certain issues. They’d be unwise to ignore our voices because there is always the next elections.


  7. I agree with your last paragraph, Earthpal. What’s also becoming imperative is the change of the system. Too much power in those high up and too little at the base.

    The pyramid unnaturally supporting itself on its summit.


  8. Posted by Gilles Rebour on May 15, 2007 at 4:42 am

    Taking advantage of the World Bank’s money – that is supposed to go to “Poverty Reduction” – to increase his girlfriend’s salary by $60,000 to reach $193,000 is just a shame…. I have volunteered for a small non-profit in Africa and you can do a lot with $60.000. Wolfowitz must go.


  9. Hi Gilles. Absolutely. That raise in salary could have improved the quality of life for so many people. Good point. Thanks. And good luck with the voluntary work.


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