Rugby Champions…almost

josh-playing-rugby130.jpg  On Sunday we spent all day watching our little boy play in a rugby tournament.  And his team got through to the final but unfortunately lost 5 : 6.  After all their hard work and effort, they were gutted about losing, so much so that two of the lads were reduced to tears, such was their passion for the game.

My son scored three tries over the course of the day.  Well, to be accurate, he actually scored two because one was disallowed for an offside violation (that silly offside nonsense infiltrates every game) but he didn’t realise and we hadn’t the heart to put him right about it.

One thing I found fascinating – while I was watching one of the matches, some strange and rather savage-sounding guttural noises began floating over from the other pitch.  I say floating but it was probably more like charging.  It was coming from some real, grown-up rugby players who were doing what I can only presume to be some sort of pre-match, victory-will-be-ours, team-bonding kind of ritual.  All seemed rather primitive and caveman-like to me.   Big thighs though.  Huge.

Tell you what…those big boys don’t half play rough.  Yikes!  It scares the hell out of me.  I’ve said this before and I’m standing by it – when my little boy moves out of tag and into contact rugby, he’s not going anywhere near that pitch until he is fully covered in giant bubble wrap then placed in a jiffy bag to be extra sure.  I kid you not.

Anyway, well done our team.  T’was a really good tournament.  Our lads played brilliantly and me own laddio is rightly proud of his runner-up medal.


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  1. congratulations!

    My Rosie plays soccer and her team came last. At presentation night, they gave all teams a trophy?? for participation!! anyway she’s just as proud of that trophy as if her team had won!

    I must say us parents had many a laugh at the girl’s non-competative attitude throughout the season. They lost every game, but came off the ground smiling more broadly than the winners! They just had fun, and they used to chat and chat at warm up, during breaks and also at training. Social soccer!


  2. Thanks Bindi,

    Brilliant! Fun. That’s what it’s all about. Boys are probably more competitive hence the tears. But Josh is sooo proud of his runners-up medal.


  3. Well done Josh! I bet he gives it 100% every time.

    I tell my girls that Spud will play rugby for Ireland. I’ll see to it that he does…

    Lovely post!


  4. Thanks Missy.

    Actually, although he scored two tries and played well later, he was a bit sluggish at first. He’s missed a lot of training lately. You know how it is sometimes with busy families, having to be in three places at the same time.


  5. Sport should be the other side of a person’s life. Children who are encouraged to do any kind of sport will eventually grow saner and healthier than those who do not.

    The one side I haven’t mentioned is education in all its aspects.

    Good for you, Earthpal, perhaps you have a future champion on the going.


  6. Absolutely, Jose.

    My eldest is involved with several out of school activities, the next would rather be in front of the computer, reading or playing out, the next *loves* Irish Dancing and the youngest, 2 is going to play rugby for Ireland (but doesn’t know, yet) 😉


  7. Congrats to the little man. That rocks.
    When I was about 9 I told my parents that I wanted to join the football team (American Style) in my community. My dad said sure and my mom said absolutely not. She would not condone violence and was petrified by the idea that I might get damaged.
    So, knowing my mom had no knowledge of lacrosse I asked if I could give that a try instead. She said sure.
    When she came to my first game and realized it was football with clubs and less padding she quickly realized what a mistake she’d made, however, it was too late to pull me from the team.
    I loved lacrosse, and fortunately never got hurt. Although I did manage to ‘accidentally’ break a rib of a 10 year old opponent in one game as I remember.
    Oh, to be 10 again.
    Now rugby…….. that is just insanity.
    Has your little guy thought of joining the band program at school EP? 😉 lol I hear the oboe is pretty fun, no cleats required.


  8. Yes, Jose. sport is very good for building our confidence and team sports are especially good for the obvious reasons.

    Hi Loneranger. Love your little boyhood story. Your mum was wise indeed to put her foot down. And rugby can be very thuggish. At the moment, it’s just tag rugby for Josh so it’s all very civilised. He’s been taking a strong interest in football (soccer) lately and he’s very good. Usually, boys love one and hate the other with regards to football and rugby. So here’s hoping he will come to love football more and give up the rugby just before it’s time for him to move to contact rugby.


  9. Oh yes, and he does want to learn a musical instrument. He wants to learn the drums!! I said he could start with the guitar. I love the sound of the oboe so maybe I’ll take that one up myself. But I guess it would be a hard one to start with.


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