This is a telling sign of the obliviosity of everyday people.

I was walking out of the restaurant today at work with a couple of my co-workers, I noticed a poster which had images of cups of coffee and tea.  Underneath were written these words:


I did a double-take and looked again.  Yep, it definitely said Free-Trade. 

Of course it was a mistake because no-one would be so stupid as to blatantly announce Free-trade as a positive selling point.  So we stopped some passers-by and asked if they could spot the mistake.   No-one could.  We then found a member of the cafe staff and asked her if she could see it.  She scanned the poster, looking for spelling mistakes and still didn’t notice. 

Even when we told her, she didn’t have a clue what the difference meant.  And she shrugged and said…well does it matter?  Duh!  Just a bit like!  If you’re gonna advertise your ethical efforts then it would help to get the words right because Free-trade is the total opposite to Fair-trade.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Hehe! Silly Caaaaa….


  2. You’d be stunned to see the quantity of mistakes official advertisements have in Spain. Perhaps the job of official corrector has not yet been approved by whoever.


  3. Tee hee MissyL.

    Jose, ‘Official Corrector’ – I could do that. I’d be good at that. Give me a salary of £80,000 pa…and I’d have to take many trips, all expenses paid of course. I wouldn’t change. Honest. I’d still care for the little people. 😉


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