Spare a Thought For Spammers

Sometimes, when my blog is quiet and no-one is commenting, I go through the spam filter to check all the spam comments in the sad hope that one or two might actually be genuine comments that have been mistakenly pulled by the spam catcher.

Today, I just found a spam comment that was indeed proper spam.   But the spammer wrote this in his/her first sentence…

Sorry for post but I really need the money.”

I’m totally ignorant about the whole spamming thing but I assume they get commission for every post that manages to sneak through.  Or maybe for every link they’ve included with the post that gets clicked.

Oh, I feel so bad that I deleted it.  Would it have hurt for me to have de-spammed that one just so that the broke spammer could get paid? 

It wasn’t a really bad spam.  Nothing like some of the ones that get filtered out, such as the ones that involve animals and extreme porn.  Nor was it endless links to financial/banking sites.  Or lines and lines of the same tedious pharmaceutical drug -available to buy online. 

No.  T’was just a tiny little one-line post plugging viagra.


14 responses to this post.

  1. I think most of them get paid by click, or because they pay monthly fees to services like blogbasher or whatever it´s called. If you feel sorry, go to tygerland or bobo´s blog and click their ads. I try to remember to do that now and again, they get paid per click.


  2. Is he/she really in need for money?
    How will we ever know?


  3. Being a novice in the blog world I don’t even know how to find out/get to the spammers…. so miss all the excitement, I suppose. Or do I?


  4. The world of publicity has also got to the internet, it couldn’t be otherwise given the quantity of people who use it.

    Everybody spamming needs money for a reason or another, but I don’t think that one you got, Earthpal, should be in dire straits. Normally those don’t go to the internet to get money.

    And, seachanges, your question intrigues me: don’t you get spam in your blog? If so you may be grateful for your luck. I’d suggest not to try getting to them.


  5. I do the same thing. I check through the spam filter just incase someone got lost, very rare to find one though.


  6. I dint know spammers were actually paid to..well…spam!! ….i thot they were just random links put up by people to publicise :-/


  7. earthpal, I know you’re well and truely taking the piss with this post! Nobody likes spammers. Maybe I’ll feed each one a peanut 🙂 , just so you can get some sleep at night.


  8. Hello all.

    Matty, thanks. I will sleep better now. 😀

    MrZ, thanks. Yes I do that.

    Hey Flowerchild, thanks for popping by. You’re most welcome here. I am enjoying your blog sweetie. Yes, it does seem that spammers get paid to spam. Lol. Well, one’s gotta earn a living somehow.

    Seachanges, hi. You probably do get spam comments but just haven’t found your spam catcher yet. Have a look around the inside of your blog. It will probably come under Akismet spam.

    Pocket, I’ve found the odd comment in my spam box that has been posted by a regular co-blogger. I’ve also posted comments onto other blogs that have been mistakenly grabbed by the spam catcher. But it is rare.

    Jose and Little Indian, the spammer in question probably targetted me because he sussed that I was a soft touch and would immediately fall for his feigned pitiful status. I’ve been known to buy three copies of The Big Issue in one day from three different shop doorways because I felt sorry for the sellers.


  9. That sure makes you sleep like a blessed soul, Earthpal.


  10. Hey earthpal..great to know that ur enjoyin my blog 😀 ..woo hoo !…hehe..anyways…the blogroll thingy is stil not workin..i’ve added links to the blogroll…but itdoesnt appear on the blog…and i tried usin Links from the widgets…but i can’t edit it..or add links to it…. 😦


  11. > ‘I’ve been known to buy three copies of The Big Issue in one day from three different shop doorways because I felt sorry for the sellers.’

    I hope you recycled them!


  12. Jose, like a baby. 🙂

    Flowerchild, try going to the FAQ’s on You can find it by pressing MY ACCOUNT where a drop-down box will appear and will be listed there.

    Matty, why of course I did. Always. Always.


  13. its workin 😀 thanks a lot earthpal ! ..btw…can i add ya to my blogroll?


  14. You’re welcome Flowerchild. And course you can add me to your blogroll. Cheers. Will do the same with yours. 🙂


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