“Hope Not Hate”

The British National Party is gaining strength and is apparently the fastest growing political party in the UK. 

I just heard that at the 3rd May local elections (local elections??), the BNP is to field a disturbingly large number of candidates with numbers ranging from 655 to 800 depending on what source you are reading but it’s at least double the amount of candidates of last year.

I’m feeling a bit threatened by the BNP at the moment.  Not least because even some of my own friends and family members have uttered words to the effect that they’re…

not surprised that so many people are starting to vote for the BNP.    

When people say this, I can’t help feeling alarmed and thinking that they themselves are intending to vote BNP but they either daren’t outrightly admit to it or they’re testing the reactions of others first.

The thing that frustrates me about this is that these people are actually quite unaware of the full BNP manifesto and ethos.  They don’t actually do any research into the party’s aims; they just single-mindedly believe that the BNP has a tough but all-solving master-plan that will sort the immigration and racial issues once and for all.  They don’t actually make any enquiries as to how exactly the party will achieve this but here is a taster of what party leader, Nick Griffin desires:

  • The removal of hate-crime laws.
  • Pay immigrant families large sums of tax-payers money to move out of Britain.
  • Segregation in all but the name for those who won’t budge.
  • Local councils expected to celebrate St. Georges Day, St Patrick’s Day and St. Andrew’s Day as well as Christmas and Easter.  Non-indigenous festivals will be forbidden in public.
  • All local authorites to only employ British citizens.
  • No non-domestic rate relief for non-British and non-indigenous charitable organisations that promote multi-culturalism (the provision of any public money to any non-British activities will be strictly prohibited).
  • Asylum seekers and economic migrants will not qualify for social housing.
  • Apply the birch for wayward teenagers.
  • Reinstate the Death Penalty.

The BNP seek to exploit people’s fears.  They feed on the highly emotive issues of immigration and asylum.  And then they spin.  They may have engineered a much more acceptable political face, indeed their election manifesto is much more tolerable and toned-down than previous ones have ever been.  But does anyone really believe that a party whose ethos is based on bigotry and hatred has been ethically-cleansed?  And that its leader, Nick Griffin, the Jew-hating, Muslim-despising, gay-bashing, convicted racist thug who said that non-whites have no place in Britain has been born-again and is now a beacon for fairness and social justice?

hope-not-hate.gifGet out there next Thursday and use your vote wisely.  Don’t ‘not vote’ because Harry’s Place explains that ‘not voting’ might benefit the extreme-right-British-National-Party. 


12 responses to this post.

  1. The mainstream parties are to be
    fully blamed for this upsurge in BNPs popularity.

    They have left many voters disillusioned,
    which reduces the turnout on election days.
    BNP is fully utilising that void by clever campaigning.

    By the time BNP does come to power,
    not just the coloured immigrant families,
    but many British citizens too will be raring to leave.


  2. Fully agree with everything there Little Indian.

    I don’t think the BNP will ever achieve full power but any seat at all is scary indeed.


  3. Never say never earthpal.
    Politics is a funny funny thing.
    Success comes with lies and false promises.

    If they do come in
    it will be because nobody will realise
    the dangers till it is all too late.


  4. Agreed little indian and Earthpal. The politics of fear and deception of the two main parties is the cause of this “upsurge” in the BNP, the way the government deals with immigration prioritising immigrants over the locals, just lest they be considered racists, have disappointed the British people and fomented the unrest a civilised people can permit themselves, distrust of the constituted powers and option for another system that can save them from their present potential enemies.

    Another unforeseen outcome of the Bush/Blair’s politics regarding the war on terror.

    To correct this the British government only would have to apply the law on the same level for all the inhabitants of the United Kingdom, and apply it strictly.


  5. I don’t like what the BNP stands for.

    I have met people (building contractors) I’ve had to deal with that proclaimed to have voted BNP. They were pretty pissed off with their lot and I imagine they lived in blighted areas of outer or east London.

    While there is a huge wealth gap in this country (Times Rich List today names 62 billionaires in UK, mostly foreign & paying zero tax) exteme parties will exist. They will not go away.

    Fair taxing regimes and income redistribution will go a long way to render extreme parties impotent.


  6. Scary this is. Simple minded, uneducated over-reactionary sheit. It sounds as though you’re living in South Carolina, not Britain EP. What the hell is happening? Everywhere I look the neo-cons are gaining substantial ground. Here in Canada on the federal level, in Quebec on a provincial (some would say again federal or national) level, France, Scandinavia, now Britain, etc.. Funny, the only place they’re not gaining ground is in the States it seems. The pendulum is swinging wildly right, right now. I don’t see how anyone could predict what is coming next. The only thing we can count on for sure from all this scare-mongering and vote coercing is the death of all the civil rights concerned citizens have gained over the last 100 years. Hope all you British hippies get out the vote and take the pudknockers down a peg or two.
    Good luck all you Britons.


  7. Never say never” Little Indian

    That’s fair comment. We certaily shouldn’t let ourselves get complacent because that’s when stuff creeps up on us.


    Jose, I agree that government policies and decisions can cause greater divisions and perpetuate existing tensions. That said, there are many media outlets that benefit from scaremongering sensationalism. There is some truth in that civil servants are anxious not to be accused of racism and are making decisions . And there are a small number of ethnic people who will exploit this. But I don’t believe this prioritising immigrants happens to the extent that many are all-too-willing to believe. A report has just this morning said that 40% of people from ethnic minority backgrounds live in deprived conditions so I fail to see how government policy is systemically favouring them above the locals as some would have us believe.



    Matt, yes, the tax laws have always favoured the rich and wealthy, including the foreign billionaires that you mention and I guess it does create contempt. It’s worth mentioning that true-British billionaires are just as good at protecting their money from the tax-man. But turning to the BNP is not the solution. Under most political parties the rich always get richer. The BNP offers no real alternative to the unfair tax laws. The BNP likes to claim that it represents the working-class but it has to lie in it’s election flyers and it’s representatives can’t even show up at council meetings. The BNP exploits peoples grievances, that’s all.


    Loneranger, overreactionary and scaremongering are the key words. Scaremongering by the government as Jose pointed out via the so-called “Waw on Terror” and by the media who love to goad us.

    The civil rights movement has made much progress and I’ll be damned if we let some far-right loony fringe party undermine it.

    Thanks Loneranger. There is a Green party candidate in my area so he will be getting my vote.


    According to the BNP, and with the help of the press spouting its propaganda, all the poor social conditions, the governmental problems, crime, council service cuts, the strain on housing and the NHS – every social ill you can think of is the fault of the Asian, the ethnic and the asylum seeker. Well guess what? Those groups aren’t quite so powerful and influential as the BNP give them credit for.

    People who are being seduced by the BNP’s nationalistic immigration and asylum rhetoric would be wise to do some research…look at some of the other disturbing ideological beliefs that their members hold dear.


  8. Well, Earthpal, I was perhaps confused by information I’ve got from persons who have gone through what I said above, but again that may have been localised circumstances. As I have said frequently I have nothing against immigrants in Spain, they know they have to stick to the laws of the country as we Spanish must also do. But as regards any other country, such as Britain, I must a little believe what I am told by residents.


  9. As to the media, I believe they are following the pattern that has been established both for the governments and for themselves. Scaremongering suits the policy of leaders. The war on terror is a means to keep citizens obedient and faithful to each particular government.

    And I am inclined to believe that the BNP, as any other nationalist parties, also follows the norms dictated by the -powers-that-be, the hidden plutocracy. Intrinsically anti-democratic.


  10. And, Earthpal, living in deprived conditions impels unrest and many untoward attitudes both in immigrants and in locals.

    Nobody longs starving to death.


  11. Jose, there is some truth in the info you’ve recieved. I’m sure there are circumstances whereby officials, in fear of racist accusations, sometimes prioritise the Asian community. But I’m just stressing that it’s not as widespread as some would have us believe, namely the BNP who only wish to exploit peoples grievances to further their own agenda.

    You are very wise and correct to say that deprivation breeds unrest. Absolutely.


  12. Thank you, Earthpal, for confirming what I was under the impression really happened in Britain.


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