Don’t Mention Iraq!

Protocol or royal etiquette has it that dirty and unpleasant political issues are avoided at State functions. 

So, at this latest carbon-offsetted state visit involving Britain’s Her Majesty and America’s His Right-Royal Pain, the word Iraq was totally off-limits.  An absolutely forbidden and taboo subject. 

These Heads-of-State sent our countries to war.  And make no mistake, our dearly beloved and most charming Queen of England, in all her finery and matching accessories, is complicit in this because it was she who gave her government the approval it needed to go to war.  And as symbolic as that approval may be, if she’s willing to carry out official state visits to corrupt, war-mongering leaders then she is complicit by her condonation of his leadership.

And Lordy lord, in this crazy, fooked-up world that we live in, those very same leaders and Heads-of-State are still in power.

So dear Heads-of-State, as you attend your ludicrously pompous and obscenely expensive state banquets, please don’t tire yourself with bothersome thoughts of the UNMENTIONABLE men and women that you sent out to face terror and extreme danger on a daily basis and fight your, yet-to-be-accounted-for, unprovoked and totally insane war.

And when you smile and make idle chit-chat with your minions and suck-ups, please don’t think about all the British and American soldiers whose lives you sacrificed for your UNMENTIONABLE and totally perplexing cause.

And while you sip your finest of fine champagnes and the most sparkling of sparkling water from the freshest of fresh mountain springs, please don’t spare a single wasted thought on the UNMENTIONABLE guys out there now, facing daily horrors.

And as you dine on handsome feasts fit for the gods, don’t be burdened by thoughts of depraved torture upon UNMENTIONABLE detainees at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.  After all, one or two of those detainees might just have looked at someone who had silently sympathised with a person who had once told his brother’s friend’s half-sister’s uncle that he empathised with suicide bombers.

And as you smoke fat Havanas and drink the best after-dinner brandies, please, please…you must turn a blind eye to all the UNMENTIONABLE Iraqi cities destroyed by your bombs and the UNMENTIONABLE innocent dead residents, blasted out of their homes by your great big awesome weapons of power. 

And as you slip into your silky sheets with your limbs intact and your heart healthy, and you fall into a blissful sleep, I beg you…do not give another thought to all those UNMENTIONABLE innocent men, women and children who have been permanently maimed by your indiscriminate weapons fired down from great heights.  Those people – they just got in the way.  Collateral damage.  It’s inevitable.

Sleep well dear Heads-of-State.



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  1. So true, earthpal.

    Convinces me
    there has to be
    a judgement day.
    In this life, or beyond
    when everyone has to justify
    or have to pay for their actions.
    Born without a conscience cannot be an excuse.


  2. Bravo, Earthpal!. Excellent piece of speech, you have made my day.

    Pity those this speech is addressed to are “too high” to hear it. Again very far away from whom they call their subjects.

    And still they dare talking democracy…


  3. The only way the Queen could have seriously disallowed Blair to go to war would have been by abdicating. That would have been interesting, certainly, but I think you cannot knock a ceremonial head of state for political decisions taken by the head of government – the blame lies with Blair and Bush certainly, but the Queen can be excused this one in my view.

    Perhaps is exposes just how silly the whole monarchy business is.


  4. Wow. You hit the tone perfectly. My accolades!


  5. Hi Little Indian. Yes, there’s no excuse. Our actions must be brought to account one day.

    Hi Jose. Thank you. Yes, I’m at a loss as to how we can call ourselves a democracy when we are forced, without choice, to financially maintain a totally unelected royal family.

    Hi MrZ. Was expecting you to pull me up on that. I hear you and I agree that the blame lies mainly with the two B’s. But she doesn’t get off quite so lightly by me. If she was opposed to the war she had the power to say no, albeit a symbolic power. And even if that meant, as you suggested, her abdication, she still had that choice, however unfeasible and unlikely. But she didn’t abdicate. She gave her consent. And in any case, it doesn’t hide the fact that while her subjects are dying, she is shaking hands and wining and dining with the main instigator. That, in my world, puts a stain on her. She has a mind of her own and it can be a very stubborn mind when it suits her.

    I absolutely agree about the silliness of the whole monarchy business.

    Hi Helen. Thanks.


  6. By your logic, the Queen can say no – but only once – and it costs her and her family their cushy jobs, and it destabilises the country massively.

    So, it has to be a really REALLY strong issue.

    I don´t think Iraq was that, especially at the time when Blair was convincing us all about WMD and 45 mins.


  7. Mother earth must dearly wish to eject us all to another universe.


  8. MrZ, yes, I guess. And like you said, it just makes the whole monarchy thing seem so ludicrous.

    Hi Matty. Interesting map thingy. The message is spot on.

    Part of a quote from Kurt Vonnegut’s last book….

    “Our planet’s immune system is trying to get rid of people.”


  9. Wow! That is UNMENTIONABLY incredible…

    Thank you.

    Off to add you to my sidebar my friend…



  10. Arh yes, but we’re bloody good fighters we humans!


  11. wow earthpal..that was pretty intense…
    if only someone cud get this message through to the so-called heads-of-state 😐


  12. Earthpal,
    I left a reply earlier and it doesn’t seem to be showing up…

    I will reiterate, paraphrase my earlier comments intent since I cannot recall the words-

    Fantastic post!

    If you would like to post something on The Peace Tree either every once in a while or more on a weekly basis please stop by either A Poetic Justice or The Tree and let me know.

    Again very nice work.



  13. Oh my… I just saw your email on your sidebar. I apologize for not emailing you about the posting on The Tree. By the way, Helen Losse sent me your way.


  14. Matt, yes we are good fighters…in more ways than one.

    Flowerchild, thanks sweetie. If only indeed.

    Hi Poetryman. Sorry about your original comment. it got sent straight to the spam bin. Overactive spam filter here I think.

    Thanks for your kind words. I will have a look at those sites later. Thanks for your interest. I would love to contribute when I can.


  15. Rock on EP! You are speaking for all of us here with this wonderful rant of truth! Thanks.

    This is exactly the reason I am so apprehensive and anxious regarding undertaking the final step of my Canadian citizenship process, the oath and pledge of citizenship. As ceremonial as her position is, she is still profoundly involved and influential in a great many peoples lives and decision making procedures. And I have a real and I think very valid disgust of the idea of bending down and puckering up to her great white ass as I pledge my allegiance and unwavering devotion to Canada and its official Head of State, the Queen of England.
    As an American who has never even contemplated spouting words of allegiance to any ‘person’ in a place of power I cringe at the ceremonial nature of this last and final step in my becoming a ‘Canadian’.
    To have this as requisite for acceptance into a democratic nation is insane to me, ceremonial formality or not.
    These royals and their ceremonies, American and British alike, hold no semblance of ‘traditional’ values for me and I found their avoidance of the reality of their making just as off putting as you.


  16. I’m sure the Queen thinks it’s a load of tosh too!

    The alternative possibly is to roam as nomads, stateless, without borders …. and without protection. Maybe that’s the freedom some people wish for but, there’s always a price.


  17. After rereading my comment of yesterday which was directed more at the Queen then at the sentiments in your wonderful post EP I feel I should apologize.
    I think a load of frustration better suited as a post on my own site came across as a rant here on your comments thread, and I’m sorry for that.

    Watching Blair trying to dust off the sand of Iraq from his shoulders during his farewell speech this morning. Pretty disappointing, reaffirmation of his pudknocker status.
    “Hand on heart, i did what I thought was right.” “I may have been wrong, but that’s your call”.

    No responsibility.


  18. Hmmm, EP, I think you´re right actually, the Queen cannot be expected to say no to Blair, but that should not absolve her of the responsibility that goes with the posh hat and all the jewels – even if she had no realistic choice, she must be responsible anyway.


  19. Matty, if the Queen doesn’t like it, she’s welcome to quit. And I sincerely wish we could live in a world without borders (not sure where Queenie comes in there though).

    Loneranger, you are so thoughtful. Thanks, but there’s no need to apologise. You’re welcome to rant in here anytime. And I agree with your “rant”. Having to swear allegiance to an outdated and unelected system of inherited privilege is not exactly a democratic process.

    As for Tony Blair’s resignation speech, I’ve yet to listen to it in full but I have read snippets of it here and there. Yes, astonishingly, he really believes he can be redeemed of the Iraq mess by claiming that he did what he thought was right at the time. You’re spot on. We are actually watching him brush the mess off his shoulders and walk away. And he thinks that by adding a touch of humility, we will buy it. No chance! The images of maimed and blooded innocent citizens will haunt his dreams.

    Thanks Zeddie. I think she bears some responsibility. I know she doesn’t do politics in any real sense of the word but the armed forces swear allegiance to “Queen and country“, not the government. She knows this. They fought in her name. The whole system might be ludicrous but she stands by it.


  20. EP,….thank you


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