A couple of days ago I heard the song that is to represent Britain in tomorrows Eurovision Song contest.  It was the typical cringe-inducing stuff.  But yesterday I was exposed to the video for the song.  No-one told me.  There was no early warning signal.  And I’m still trying to ungrit my teeth and open my eyes.  Oh, the degradation.  I mean they should have listened to the gods when the hunt was on to find a representative for England…and the presenter made that mistake and announced the wrong winner.  Wouldn’t you think they’d see this as a taster for cringeful moments yet to come?  Y’ad think!

No-one takes Eurovision seriously.  We know the acts are going to be dire.  And we know the musical talent is just not going to turn up.  We know it’s going to be camp.  We know those Eastern block countries will all vote for each other.  We know politics of the day will affect voting choices.  And we know for sure that it’s all going to be cheese.  Lot’s of cheese.

But my daughter loves it and no doubt we’ll be sat together come Saturday night with our goodies, in eager anticipation.  And she will have her pen and paper ready to take notes.

And, just because I love you all so much, I’ve brought you the song ~ Flying the Flag (For you) by the talented Scooch.  I can’t find the video but here they are performing on stage, miming live and exclusive.  Mindblowing!



6 responses to this post.

  1. Where did they say the nearest emergency exit was?
    I will be happy to jump without a ‘chute
    for that minute or so of bliss
    away from that lot.

    Hey, we all have to come down to earth with a thud someday.


  2. Trolley Dollies/Wally’s! 😆
    My brother S sings this at work!


  3. Little Indian, lol. Me too. It’s pretty dreadful isn’t it.

    MissyL, hehehe.

    My daughter loves it. What can I do? Is there a cure?


  4. Oh god. If I wasn’t already a Crunchy Canuck and Backwoods granola eatin’ Colonist I’d sign up for the Eurotrash society and vote for Scooch. Scooch? What in the hell is Scooch? Sounds like Hooch, which is Alabama for ‘moonshine’ or Cooch which is also ‘southern’ for… well, you’ll have to use your imagination. It would be too offensive to define on your lovely blog EP.

    If I were living in the old world I’d vote for Jarvis Cocker’s ‘Running the World’ for best britsong me thinks.


  5. What a waste of time! Read my blog…


  6. Loneranger, lol. What a mighty cracking idea…Jarvis Cocker’s “Running the World” for the British entry. Now that would wake the thing up a bit. I really love that song!

    MissyL, it was dire. More dire than last years direness. More dire than dire can be. My daughter predictably loved almost every song. My little boy watched the first half in bemused amazement then fell asleep. And me, well I will never get those three and a half hours of my life back. The only song that made it all almost worthwhile was Bulgaria’s entry which I really quite liked.


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