Being Poorly

lemon151.jpgI was quite ill this weekend.  Not sure what I had picked up but it was like a flu thing without the runny nose and sore throat.  And it came with the mother of all headaches that no amount of paracetamol overdosing would shift. 

But I’m not here for the sympathy.  My point is….do you know what?  My kids are simply the best.  They sooo looked after me.  They brought me tea, paracetamol, toast, water, paracetamol, lemon juice, digestive biscuits, paracetamol.  They covered me up, tucked me in, brought me books to read, cleaned and tidied the place, washed the pots….and they stayed remarkably quiet and well behaved all day.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Aww… Priceless indeed ! 🙂
    Hope your feeling better !


  2. Much better thanks Flowerchild.

    “The mother of all headaches???”

    Did I really write that???? Time to quit methinks.


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