cartwheel150.jpgMy son has a friend and this friend has a Grandfather who is very funny.  He collects my son’s friend from school most days and he always makes me laugh when we chat.  His grandson comes to our house for tea sometimes.  And sometimes my son goes to his house for tea.  He’s very silly, this friend.  I think he is probably going to be like his granddad and be very funny…make people laugh.  But because of his immaturity, his humour is unfocused and silly which can be funny too. 

The other day, he came running out of school.   It was warm and sunny and the grass had just been cut.  He ran straight into the freshly cut grass, shouting loudly, with his arms waving about.  And he threw himself onto the grass and rolled about in it.  Have you any idea how much restraint it took me to stop myself from joining him?  Don’t you ever feel the urge to do something silly?   Do a cartwheel…or roll down the hill…or have a grass fight? 

The other week when I was walking with my two youngest kids, we had a skipping race.  And we were laughing and giggling.  And she said to me…”Mum, it’s ages since you had fun.”

I was mortified to realise that she was right…that lately I’d become dull and boring.

When I was a girl I was always doing cartwheels or handstands.  My mum would say I was forever upside down.  And I loved grass fights.  I used to love rolling down grassy hills.  There is a slope on the grass at our school and my kids will often throw down their bags and coats after school, chuck themselves onto the ground and roll to their hearts content.  Right down to the bottom.  Giggling and shouting all the way down and making that vibrating sound from all the pounding.  Then they get up and run  to the top again for another go.  The other kids join them too but many of their parents tell them off. 

“Johnny, get up now!  Your clothes will be filthy!”

“Amy, that’s not how girls should behave!”

“Get up now!  Hurry, we need to go shopping!”


How sad!  Childhood is the only chance we get to be children.  Carefree and full of wonder.  We are adults for a very long time.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Yes, Earthpal, for too long a time unfortunately.


  2. I’d love to let my children go on like this for hours…


  3. Hi earthpal, yes I remember the days when I couldn’t walk past a patch of thick green grass without doing a handstand on it. Irresistible. The back doesn’t stand for it these days, but there is still something about nice grass, and also warm sand.

    Kids bring this all back to you , don’t they. There is a lot of joy in watching their joy.


  4. Jose, isn’t it just. For me, and I guess for most people, it’s the quality of life, not the length. And once we’ve lost that sense of fun and spiritedness, there’s not quite as much quality. That’s how I feel anyway.

    Misslionheart, mine do. Lol. I can’t stop them. Middle child has dancing fever. She can’t stop. And she’s forever upside down like I was.

    Hi Binds. Yes, kids keep us young don’t they. Grass or warm sand and bare feet. Nothing better.


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