Nothing much

I love this wonderful green Earth and all it’s inhabitants,

from the furry woodland creatures to the ugliest swamp-dwelling toads,

from the great big hairy spider to the slimy delights in the undergrowth,

from intimidating mountains to sweet little valleys,

from the ecosystems of the glorious Amazonian rainforests to the messy life that buzzes in the boggy marsh across the road from my house.

Plants, flowers, herbs, forests, woodlands, wild moors, rivers, brooks,

sunsets, sunrises, rainbows, silver moons, wind, rain, snow, sunshine, moonlight.

The confused tramp lady I sat next to other day,

the heroin addict I dealt with in hospital last week,

the wretched, self-abusing mental health patient I spoke to yesterday,

the elderly couple I know who just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary,

my friends, my family. 

My children.

Our World. Equally.




13 responses to this post.

  1. Hi earthpal, these are lovely thoughts that you have sent out into the ether. I think they will touch many a soul. Nice of you to share your good moodl.


  2. And we love you, Earthpal, too, because your thoughts are always clean and worth reading.

    Keep at it.


  3. Thanks Bindi, I wrote it a while ago and thought it sounded a bit like too childlike so kept it hidden in the Random Words page. But I felt all dreamy last night so I thought I’d drag it to the front page for some air.
    Thank you too Jose. I’m not always so clean in thought. I can have bad thoughts too but I can usually talk myself round to positivity.


  4. earthpal for President!


  5. Yay! Get those banners designed. You can be my campaign manager. 😀


  6. OK. I’ll see if Banksy will do your publicity;

    (N.B. click above link and then scroll left to right)

    He’s ya man.


  7. Wow Matt. Those are fantastic pieces of art. What a talent. Thanks.


  8. Yes, and a master of social comment for our times. Even if a little controversial … thinking of the Queen Victoria image! 🙂 🙂


  9. Yes, I had to look twice at that one because I thought I was seeing things. Lol.

    I love the one of the boy on the Israeli partition wall. I’ve seen that before on an Avaaz campaign video – I didn’t realise it was one of many.



  10. Pieces of art? Two policemen kissing?
    I don’t think so…


  11. They’re brilliant MissyL! It’s as much about the statement as anything else. You stick with yer chocolate box art.


  12. ‘Two policemen kissing?
    I don’t think so…’

    Banksy has it easy. People’s perceptions are so boxed in that they’re easily shocked. The two police officers kissing are one male & one female, from what I can see!


    Yes, the ones of kids playing at the Israeli wall are excellent. As is the maid sweeping the dirt through the wall. 🙂


  13. […] good sir. And to affirm my own compassion for all species, whether of the animal or human variety, here’s something I wrote . . . oh my gosh . . . just two years ago almost to the day . . […]


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