Sign Against Violence…

The very wonderful Loneranger has been working admirably on a peace project over on his blog and he has also created an online petition which asks for all peace-desiring people across the world to sign in support of peace. 

Peace is the most natural state of being.  It’s the only thing that the world has never tested and it’s all we have left.

Please sign the petition and pass the message on through your own blogs or websites. 

Global Peace petition

Thanks Loneranger for giving us this chance.



8 responses to this post.

  1. Well yes we could, my evil twin.


  2. EARTHIE!!!
    Whatever caused this change in your purity?


  3. There was no change in my purity, MissyL. Long story. No-one would believe me.


  4. Thank you EP for helping out!!!!


  5. You’re more than welcome Brian.

    MissyL….shhh xxx


  6. Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks


  7. The Peace one? If so, my pleasure.

    Who’s Jim though?


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