“Mum! No!”

The following is a list of buzzwords or “trendy” phrases that my two daughters have totally forbidden me to use:

  • Awesome  (but this is such an “awesome” word and it’s the only word that comes to mind for some things)
  • That’s soooo last week  (sounds camp anyway)
  • Talk to the hand (but I love using this!)
  • Cool (I suppose I can live without this)
  • Look at my face…am I bothered? (I deliberately over-use this because it reeeally bugs them)
  • Well…duh!  (you must pull a face too when you use this)
  • 24/7 (do I really say that?)
  • Think outside the box (yeah, like they know what that means)
  • Yeah, like they know what that means (ok, ok!)
  • Empowerment/empowered/empowering (huh?  I’m not even allowed to use grown-up and legit words?)
  • Absolutely (well sometimes I can get away with using this. It all depends on how I say it and in what context)

Whenever I use any of the above, their eyes roll upwards and they groan…”Mum!  No!” 

Yet they think their friend’s parents are so cool.

Oh!  And I’m not allowed to do that finger quote thing. finger-quote.jpg  They hate that.


9 responses to this post.

  1. haha. Well, at least you know where you stand!


  2. Lol. Yes, I do. It’s funny how their friend’s parents are always “way cooler” than their own,


  3. It’s always the way. We’re just here to feed them and provide a bed! Cheeky little monkeys 🙂

    P.S. The word ‘awesome’ is banned around moi within a sixty mile radius. Using the pronunciation of ‘so’ as ‘soooo’…. is banned completely from planet earth!


  4. My girls encourage me to be ‘cool’ then tell me to STOP!!!


  5. Matty, I am forever doing that soooo thing. I irritate myself!

    MissyL, yes, contradictory so-and-so’s aren’t they.


  6. The finger quote thing is bad and needs to be eliminated, but you HAVE to say “cool”, ít´s the coolest word around – it can be used part tongue-in-cheek, so you keep using it.


  7. MrZ, I agree with you on the finger-quoting. I’ve been known to do it but strangely it irritates me when anyone else does it so I don’t do it anymore…except to annoy my kids.

    And yes, I will stay cool and say cool. I like that word.


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