“Driving Me Crazy”

4x4.jpgI watched a very excellent documentary last night on ITV called Driving Me Crazy.  It was the first of a three-part series which will look at Britain’s car owners and what drives them mad. 

The first one last night had John Sergeant looking at the 4×4.  The programme involved three 4X4 drivers who were very attached to their huge gas-guzzling offroaders but had ironically never actually used them for what they were built for, namely offroad. 

John Sergeant, who detests the about-town 4×4, set himself a task to try and change the opinion of these three 4×4 drivers.   He showed them some pretty disturbing facts regarding the dangers they present both to pedestrians and to other ordinary car-users on the road.  He demonstrated, quite graphically, how their need to feel safer and bigger was potentially compromising the safety of other road-users and pedestrians, small children in particular, because these 4×4’s, with their limited driver-visibility, are being seen more and more on the school run.   

And they were also surprised to learn just how much more emissions their vehicles were coughing out compared to smaller cars.

Two of the three drivers were profoundly impacted by what they learned and said they would seriously reconsider their choice of vehicle.  The third driver, an arrogant egotist who openly admitted his car was for posing-about-town, just couldn’t survive without his status symbol and refused to absorb the information.

Good programme. 

More information here about offroaders that are only ever used on the road.


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  1. I enjoyed that program as well, lets hope that it will help resuade more people to give up these dangerous status symbols.

    The driving instructor


  2. Well.. Mine’s not listed, so I guess I’m still your friend! 😎


  3. Hello Driving Instructor, yes, it was very good wasn’t it.

    MissyL, not all 4×4’s are on the anti-4x4ers “axis of evil” list.


  4. I enjoyed the bit about the driving exercises, though I must say that they might have had the same result in an ordinary car.

    I think the bit about the children behind the jeeps should drive home a point to the many parents who use them on the school run!

    Looking forward to next weeks episode.

    The driving instructor


  5. Well not only are they gas guzzlers, they are a major danger to smaller cars, pedestrians and cyclists of course as their impact zones are so large. This is a timely post for me EP. I was on my way home yesterday on my bike when a dude in a big 4×4 pickup blindly pulled out of a parking lot and nailed me. Spent most of yesterday in emerg. No serious injuries, but my left knee is totally bunged up. It took the brunt of the impact and was twisted pretty weird when I went down. Bloody cagers’ (name given to people who drive cars and trucks by motorcyclists and bikers).


  6. Driving Instructor, yes, the man whose vision was test by placing the children behind his vehicle was most disturbed to see all those kids wasn’t he. Hard hitting facts.

    Loneranger, I’m so relieved to know you weren’t too badly hurt. It could have been a lot worse. It must have shook you up though. Watch out for that delayed shock. And take care.


  7. WOW. I beg to differ. We have a SUV (it’s not a 4×4 but looks like one), and if they don’t price themselves out of sight hope to never have a little car again. Take grocery shopping for instance. We put two boxes in the back to hold small items and off we go to three, four stores in a row, never backtracking. We load the back and the back seat with purchases, then go home to stay for a bit. Need mulch. Lower the seat and go get twelve bags. Buy a new dishwasher. No probem. Going on vaction. Load the suitcases, camera gear, comuter and printer, portable chairs, cooler, etc. And the height. You don’t have to hoist yourself up like you do in a truck or crawl on your knees like you do to get into a car. You just get in. And you can see out, when you’re in traffic with too many sixteen wheelers. I love our SUV!


  8. Hi Helen,

    Well I guess Mr. Sergeant wouldn’t have been able to change your opinion Helen. Lol.


  9. My parents had a 4×4 and though they did take it off road sometimes, the main reason was that it had 7 seats to fit us all in and wasn’t as “hideously” (direct quote from my parents) ugly as a van. Disel is also cheaper in some places in Australia and that helped a little.


  10. It places fhoto of Madeleine in your bloggue

    Missing Madeleine!
    Madeleine, MeCann was abduted from Praia da Luz, Portugal on 03/03/07.

    If you have any information about her whereabouts, please contact Crimestoppers on 0800555111 Please Help


  11. Hi David,

    I wish I could help. Every bone in my body is willing her to be safe.


  12. Hi Pocket, yes diesel is a bit cheaper than petrol I think, depending on which country you live in.

    There’s no clear conclusion on the “petrol v diesel” debate because there are pros and cons for both. So my message would be to hurry up those cleaner alternatives to both.


  13. I know people who feel themselves more confident behind the driving wheel of a big car.

    Long past are the days when our ancestors just had to watch what their draught beasts ate while they contributed to improve the soil quality, contrarily to what we do today.

    It was a cleaner world, a bit boring though.


  14. Absolutely Jose.

    Yes, it was a much cleaner world. But there was just no stopping all the technological advances, no holding them back. For better or worse.


  15. The Irish Election is on Thursday. My vote is with Tom who came back to my house on a couple of things I asked him to sort. The Green Party didn’t even knock. They left a flyer under my wiper!


  16. Tom is Independent


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