Kudos to: The Lollipop Man

There is a Lollipop man lollipop-man.jpgwho patrols the crossing near to our school.  I see him most mornings and evenings.  Some days I use his crossing to get across the road.  Some days I’m in the car and I stop at the crossing when he signals me to.  

He’s ever such a lovely, friendly lollipop man.  He knows all the kids and he’s very fond of them all. 

He takes anyone and everyone across his crossing.  I think he’d even stop the traffic for a dog if a dog so happened to need his service.  And he keeps the traffic waiting for ages in order to let people get across.  I like this.  Pedestrians are important and should be considered. 

And  if he’s just cleared a bunch of people across and he sees another child, or an adult, or a mum and child….or the whole world running towards his crossing, he stays in the middle of the road and makes the cars wait till the pedestrians, puffing and panting, have reached his crossing and he sees them safely to the other side.   

This morning, I saw him holding the traffic while a schoolboy walked across.  The schoolboy had a spiky head, full of gel.  T’was most amusing when Mr. Lollipop man reached towards said schoolboy’s head to do that thing they do when they ruffle up your hair affectionately.  The boy spotted the un-lollipoped hand coming towards him and he panicked.  And then he ducked.  And weaved.  Then he shot across to the other side.  Phew! 

Don’t mess wiv ma hair man!  Took me ages to do this!  

The boy turned round and in the safety of the distance between them, he laughed and shouted…“maybe next time, mister”. 

Mr. Lollipop man laughed too.

People are poetry.


12 responses to this post.

  1. Yes, they are poetry, Earthpal. And there are thousands like your lollipop man, people we see around who behave correctly.

    There are others who….. I prefer not completing the sentence.


  2. Priceless, I am just imagining my little brother he is the same about his hair, very protective.


  3. Morning Jose. That’s so true. Sometimes I feel that I spend so much time in here bashing people, mainly politican types. But I love people and the little things are worth celebrating.

    Hi Pocket. Lol. My little boy is getting that way too. He is only seven and he asked me to get him some of that “stuff that makes your hair spike” a while ago.


  4. They got rid of our lollipop man … too sweet apparently. 🙂


  5. We don’t have any around here 😦


  6. Lol @ Matt.

    MissyL, we had to campaign long and hard to get our lolly man. We lobbyed Jack Straw. Ever the activist is me.


  7. Jack Straw is a Lollipop man? Whatever next…


  8. Oh sorry, misread that……


  9. MissyL, you keep off that Guinness, you hear. 🙂


  10. Sure you misread it MissyL. Lol.

    Matty, it’s the Leibraumilch that does it!


  11. Well, if she will drink German wine … 😉


  12. I know! T’is awful stuff.

    I feel a bit weird now talking about wine when I’ve just blogged about my friend’s problem.


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