Nuclear Power

In spite of the fact that the Sustainable Development Commission said that nuclear power is not the answer to climate change, that indeed the problems of nuclear energy by far outweigh the advantages, I have no doubt that the government is going to press on and give us our new generation of nuclear power plants. 

From the SDC report….

1. Long-term waste – no long term solutions are yet available, let alone acceptable to the general public; it is impossible to guarantee safety over the long-term disposal of waste.
2. Cost – the economics of nuclear new-build are highly uncertain. There is little, if any, justification for public subsidy, but if estimated costs escalate, there’s a clear risk that the taxpayer will be have to pick up the tab.
3. Inflexibility – nuclear would lock the UK into a centralised distribution system for the next 50 years, at exactly the time when opportunities for microgeneration and local distribution network are stronger than ever.
4. Undermining energy efficiency – a new nuclear programme would give out the wrong signal to consumers and businesses, implying that a major technological fix is all that’s required, weakening the urgent action needed on energy efficiency.
5. International security – if the UK brings forward a new nuclear power programme, we cannot deny other countries the same technology*. With lower safety standards, they run higher risks of accidents, radiation exposure, proliferation and terrorist attacks. 

So…who wants one in their town?  Any offers?  Gordon?


7 responses to this post.

  1. A new form of cloud formation
    for the metereologists to forecast.

    Mushroom. 😦


  2. Absolutely Little Indian.

    Scary stuff indeed.


  3. I cannot understand how our leaders pursue the most dangerous ways to get our needs met, the more so when we all know that there exist other cleaner and safer way to produce energy.

    What is behind their heads to choose a system that not only is dangerous in its exploitation but that its wastes are a forbidden hazard in our environment. The sea as we have been able to check is no longer that “mop up” instrument that was useful to destroy those wastes.

    In Nature established measures cannot be exceeded.


  4. Hi Jose.

    Yes, all the warning signs are there but they are going to pursue it regardless.

    Big business. Even Dick Cheney has connections to the nuclear energy business. Oil clearly isn’t enough for him.


  5. What I can’t understand is why more emphasis isn’t given to using tidal power.

    At long last, there is now a plan to produce electricity from the Bristol Channel with a hydro electric dam but this will only provide 5% of our national needs.

    The key is to get the collective intelligence of the people involved.

    Official Downing Street forums should be instituted straight away.

    Let the people have their say and we’ll soon cut through the cr** and solve the problems.



  6. Rob, hi. Sorry but this comment got caught by my somewhat overactive spam catcher. I’ve only just spotted it.

    What a great idea – official Downing Street forums! I’ve just read your blog post on this. It’s excellent! Me and my friend went to our local MP’s surgery and we were rushed in and out before we said what we needed to say. The surgery system is a larely ineffective form of communication. Letters and emails all to often go ignored. The forums would be great. So much more convenient and accessible to everyone.

    I wonder which MP’s, if any, would be brave enough to take it on.


  7. Yes, Rob is right. It is about time we, the people, get a hand in all those matters that affect our standards of living (which is practically everything a government has to do) and that our opinions be listened to, otherwise we always have the option to use our democratic rights.

    Because, believe it or not, our governments have become dictatorial in a way because we have given them more than sufficient proofs of neglect in our rights.


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