Coffee and the G8

g8-crew.jpgNext week the G8+5 are holding their annual summit and climate change is to be at the top of their agenda.  Between them their countries produce over 70% of the world’s emissions.  And still, George Bush is pratting around and trying to avoid any real commitment.

Let them know how much commitment we demand from them.  And I absolutely mean DEMAND.  They work for us!  Sign here courtesy of those good people at Avaaz.

And it appears that the German officials are very afraid because they are actively trying to suppress the anti-G8 movement.   Citizens rights yet again stomped upon.


The Coffee House has brought us some information about, coffee.jpgwell  coffee actually.  But not in a good way.   A new docu-film, to be released next month, reveals the corruption, exploitation and grossly unethical dominance of the multinational coffee companies to the detriment of the poor coffee farmers.

Black Gold Movie

Whitewash that one if you can Starbucks.


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  1. Maybe German government agency oppression extends to blocking indymedia links, because I can’t get your ‘suppress’ link. Or are they just trying to be ironic!


  2. Hi Matty, not sure why you can’t access the link. I’m having no problems. Maybe they like me better. 😀


  3. The men that spy (looks over shoulder) seem to have read my comment above and taken pitty, for I have now got through to your indymedia page link.

    This quote reflects paranoid governments me thinks;

    ‘ The orders for the searches are based on section 129a: “Formation of a terrorist association with the aim to stop the G8 summit”.’

    Better watch out for those mothers with buggies!


  4. Btw. That picture in your post of the G8 leaders posing in front of a beltching power station is surely a mockup … yes?


  5. Hi earthpal, well done for highlighting these issues. Where does it leave us coffee drinkers?

    That coffee is a cash crop is well known. That multinationals operate unethically is not well known.


  6. Coffee, oil, phosphates, you add anything that is of much need in the world and you’ll find those who control them are the same.

    I’ve already sent my support to Avaaz. No problem accessing.


  7. > That multinationals operate unethically is not well known.

    Really!!! In the UK it’s common knowledge.


  8. Matt, yes, paranoia….and fear. I pinched the picture of the 8 G8’ers from the Avaaz site. I imagine it’s a mock.

    Hi Bindi, I’m not a big coffee drinker but I only buy and drink Fairtrade coffee and tea. It’s not quite as good but I can sacrifice that little luxury if it helps the poor farmers. That said, Matt informs us that the BlackGold movie reveals that Fairtrade coffee isn’t as “kind” as we think.

    Jose, glad you signed too. Absolutely…we can count on the greedy multinationals to exploit any commodity that is in demand.


  9. Speaking of big business & climate change your readers may be interested to know that The Coffee House has been invited to attend a Corporate Climate Response conference here in London. Our reporter, Stephan Smith is attending this as I type.

    We will of course report from the ‘front line’ as soon as possible!

    P.S. They found us, not the other way around. 🙂


  10. Thanks Matt. Looking forward to his report.


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