Went to the cinema yesterday and I’m rather tempted to become a movie cabbage because there are some really good films coming up this Summer.  

The next Harry Potter film looks spectacular and although I’m not a huge fan, I might make the effort for this one. 

Then there’s a sweet little film called Wedding Daze which looks like fun but not so good as to make me pay a fiver to see it so I think I will wait for the dvd release. 

There’s also a Die Hard 250 (I’ve lost count) of which I would walk a thousand miles out of my way to avoid seeing! 

Then there’s another Oceans Eleven or twelve…or thirteen and although I’ve nshrek.jpgever seen any of these Oceans films, it might be worth watching, if only to gaze at those gorgeous men, all brought to us under one movie roof. 

The biggie…the real biggie, for me, is Shrek the Third.   I loved the first two and no doubt, number three won’t let them down.

As for the film I saw today….well of course it was  At world’s End – Pirates of the Caribbean3.  Spoiler coming up by the way.

There was a lot of violence which I must admit made me have doubts about the wiseness of taking my kids along.  Jack was incredible – as ever, but there were elements of the film that I could have done without.  And the many plots kept losing me.   Also, there was a strange and rather risky part of the film whereby Jack’s character is cloned by Jack’s own imagination and although the thought of multiple Johnny Depps makes me tremble, I wasn’t sure about it and I reckon the film-makers only got away with this part because it was Jack. 

Over the top yes, but generally speaking, a good film with some spectacular and exhilarating imagery.  And…..let’s hear it for the ladies!!  The Elizabeth Swan and Tia Dalma characters were super.  Watch out for Elizabeth’s rousing call-to-arms type speech.  Quite gave me goose-bumps so it did.  

Somehow, I don’t think the Pirates trilogy will remain a trilogy.  There’s sure to be a fourth.


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