question-mark.jpgWhy is it that the viewing stats on my cluster map are higher than my blog viewing stats?  And to make it even more befuddling, I only installed the cluster map last November, some ten months after I started blogging here. 

Why is it that when I search my own name on 192.com, my name rightly comes up at the correct address but there are also three other names listed for our address that I’ve never heard of?   It can’t even be that these strange squatters that we appear to have in our residence lived at this address prior to us moving in because no-one has lived in our house apart from us.  It was a newbuild last year when we moved in.  And prior to that, it was just land.  (And if you’re wondering why on earth anyone would need to search their own name on 192.com, it was to check that I was on the electoral roll for our new address because at the last local elections, I couldn’t vote because I’d failed to get the registration form in on time).  (Oh, and in case you’re wondering some more, I eventually found some sense and rang the electoral office).

Why did the bad-tempered, red-faced, stroke-waiting-to-happen git of a driver frenzily bang on his horn and stick his middle finger at me this morning just because I squeezed in front of him in a filter lane instead of giving way like he strangely expected me too?

Why do my kids repeatedly return to the fridge within minutes of their last visit in the bizarre hope that some yummy something-or-other will somehow have turned up in there?

Why is it that when I take an item of clothing from my wardrobe, a million other coat hangers are stuck to it and all the clothes that I’ve just ironed and hung up end up in a pile at the bottom?

Why do my kids put empty bottles, jars and packets back into the fridge or cupboard?

Why do I break a piece of pottery or glass almost every time I wash the dishes?

Why can’t our two guinea pigs clean out their own hutch?

Why does my ironing pile never go down?

Why are nursery rhymes depraved?

Why do carpets need vacuuming?

Why do we need cockroaches?

Why won’t my hair straighten?

Why is chocolate fattening?

Why is Big Brother on AGAIN?


7 responses to this post.

  1. Because all of that makes part of your life, Earthpal. I detect sort of tiredness in your words and that’s human, too. Brace yourself and ask yourself the “whys” regarding the best part of that life.

    Perhaps the balance tilts towards the latter.


  2. Ah bless your sweet heart Jose. I am tired this week….the children are off school!! Lol. But I always remember to realise just how fortunate I am to be able to experience these emotional ups-and-downs that are a part of our humanness.


  3. I’ve carried a little card in my purse for years which reads….

    Washing Up

    Thank god for dirty dishes
    They have a tale to tell
    For by this pile I have here
    It seems we’re doing well
    Whilst others there are starving
    I’ve not the heart to fuss
    For by this pile
    it’s evident
    That someone’s good to us


  4. Beautiful posting earthpal. You made me laugh all the way through. Especially the kids & food in the fridge thing … my kids do exactly the same. They graze all day!

    As to the man in the car. Too much traffic on the road. Everyone’s working too hard. And respect for others starts to wane under such circumstances unfortunately. Very rude man. He probably needs therapy!


  5. Oh thanks Matty. You’re a love. Glad it made you smile. So world-weary is me. Lol.

    “Fridge-grazing!” Good one. I love that.

    And absolutely…way too many cars, mine included. People feel strangely ptotected in their cars so they think courtesy isn’t required.


  6. My kind of grazing;




  7. Brilliant!
    I am thinking of using dubious torture methods on you Matt to extract information from you about where you find these pictures!


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