Girls Night In

confetti.gifWe have a wedding to attend this afternoon and so – last night – my friend called round with a pre-wedding day bottle of sparkling wine.  My daughter and her friend who was sleeping over kindly got out my box of assorted nail polishes and my manicure set and treated us both to a right royal pampering. 

Now let me tell you, there are ladies far more glamorous and worthy than me and my lovely friend who regularly pay big money for such pamperings but for sure I know they don’t have anywhere near as good a time as we had last night. 

My daughter and her friend made such a fuss of us.  They brought us chocolate truffles.  They manicured our hands and pedicured our feet.  And all in the right colours to compliment our wedding outfits.  The girls even had soft music playing in the background, courtesy of Avril Lavigne.

T’was all very girlie, giggly and sweet.  My hubby braved it once and peeped his head round the door but he soon fled when my daughter pointed a vicious looking nail buffer at him.  I think he was muttering something about torture and vanity.

So….I have my outfit.  I also have lovely finger nails and soft feet.  All I need now is the divine intervention of all the gods in the universe to summon up a bloody miracle at the hair salon this morning.


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  1. Enjoy!


  2. Your hubby is a brave man.
    Its too scary for me to join in on this thread.


  3. I hope you had a wonderful time at the wedding, had some good conversations and/or dancing. I’m sure you looked and felt fabulous after all that pampering!


  4. Thanks all. It was a lovely, lovely day. And the Best Man looked just like David Beckham!

    Little Indian…lol. He was only brave for about two seconds.


  5. Awww, I would give anything to be pampered that way right now.

    How’d the wedding go? And things at the parlour? 😀


  6. Hey Flowerchild. Lovely to hear from you. How’s the studying/exams coming along?

    We had a wonderful day at the wedding thanks. And, stranger than the strangest of things, even my hair was perfect. The stylist did a great job. A bit shorter than I normally have it but I like it. Trouble is, I will never manage to get it as perfect as she did it on the day.


  7. Done with exams n all..i’m a free bird now..woo hoo…hheheh…


  8. Well done Flowerchild. T’is a liberating feeling.

    Good luck with the results. I bet you did splendidly well.


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