George Bush has given up trying to deny climate change is happening and he’s now trying to delay action.  He’s been refusing to join the climate talks for years and years and now he wants to do it his way.  His way being of course, all talk – delay and divert.  Divert attention from the fact that he refuses to accept emissions caps.  And delay having to take any actual action until he’s safely out of the picture in ’08. 


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  1. ‘Adam & Eve ran around naked so global warming has been around for 1000s of years’

    ‘nature needs to listen to us’

    Good to have a laugh at Bush …. otherwise we’d probably cry! 🙂

    Apparently Bush likes sugar sprinkled on his cornflakes every morning. Trouble is, he’s been mixing up his white substances.


  2. I put a link to a Laughing Mutley,
    but it did not come up.
    so have to settle for this 🙂


  3. ’08.
    Can’t wait.


  4. Matt, yes, he does provide us with much to laugh at….that or like you said, we’d cry.
    Little Indian, sorry about your (ahem) missing link. WordPress gets very overactive at times.
    Helen, ditto. And I’m not even American. The good thing is, you guys can’t possibly get anyone worse than Bush in ‘08.


  5. Love it EP, thanks. Great thing about us Americans, we can make fun of ourselves better than anyone else can.
    For another fun vid re: Matt’s ‘white stuff’ check out the link.


  6. Loneranger, thanks. Hehehe.
    There are some brilliant British satirical comedians who make fun of our politicians too. Too many to mention but there was one great show from the 80’s that was relentless towards our Margaret Thatcher….


  7. Better laugh than cry, indeed.


  8. Hi Jose, yes laughter can be very good therapy. Alas, some stuff is just too grave to laugh about.


  9. And to think that the entire world is on tenterhooks in suspense as this man keeps threatening our peace and welfare.


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