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  1. And still they don’t listen.

    But is violent protest the answer?


  2. Hi Matty.

    Will they ever listen?

    I commented on your post.


  3. Violent protest the answer? This is something activists have always asked themselves. Ghandi-like protests in the western world are not easily understood and the fact is leaders are more afraid of violent protests than pacific ones. The media care far more for violence than it does for pacifism, that’s why.

    I am against any kind of violence, but can understand the protesters’ views on this.


  4. Women’s lives were freed up after WWII in the UK because they were needed in work during the war effort. After the war they weren’t keen on returning forever to the kitchen sink. Hence today’s career women. OK, I simplify the process but WWII was the main agent of change.

    Violence has a strange part to play in positive outcomes. It seems to unblock the volcano of frustrated desires for a better world.

    Whatever one feels it’s the 20yr old male protester pitted against the 20yr old policeman. It’s their risk and I guess their decision. At this point the politicians aren’t in charge. As they weren’t in France during their ‘race riots’.


  5. WOW!!…oh and I liked the use of The Scream.


  6. Well, when we watch our own dear leaders blast countries to kingdom-come to steal the oil….and then make up great big lies about it, does anyone believe they will listen to our peaceful protests?

    The thing about violent protest is that quite often it starts peacefully until the thugs in the body-armour, protective helmets and armed with truncheons, start pushing the crowds around with their chemical sprays and their water canons.

    The suffragettes used violent tactics. They vandalised and burnt buildings and forcefully disrupted Parliamentary meetings. If they hadn’t got so aggressive, the men would never have listened.

    Extreme tactics are usually the result of years of not being listened to…of frustrated suppression and anger against official injustice.

    We all know that the elitist leaders and officials only pay lip-service to our petitions and peaceful marches. We feel powerless against them. Our rights are being eroded bit by bit and something’s going to give.


  7. We had a peaceful protest of 2 million people in London to say to Blair; Iraq war? No thanks. What did he do? Ignored all of us. Outfuckingrageous. Now, if those 2 million people had marched on parliament and turned violent … that war would never have happened. Blair would have been removed.

    Instead we have violence in Iraq for 4 years and 100s of 1000s killed.

    I agree with you earthpal that ‘our rights are being eroded bit by bit and something is going to give.’


  8. Absolutely Matt. Well said!


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