Sunny Day? What Sunny Day?

sun.gifToday has been a lovely sunny day and so, on the way home from work I made a plan.  I decided that I would not listen to the news because at the moment it either depresses me or it winds me up and I was in no mood for either.  I also made up my mind to abandon my household obligations and make the most of the sunshine.  I planned to put on some of my favourite music, throw open the French doors and get out the sun-lounger (which we don’t actually have anymore because it fell to bits at the back end of last Summer on account of it being left out in the rain too much).

But anyway, not one to let petty little details get in my way, I got home, ran upstairs, threw off my uniform and dived into my skimpies. 

Blue sky, glass of iced water, good book… I come.

I popped into the kitchen and thought I’d just quickly wash the breakfast pots….won’t take two secs.  Then I thought I’d just take a quick look at what food we had in so I could plan what to cook for our evening meal.   Right, decision made – spaghetti bolognese with side-salad will do.  Oh, I think I’ll just quickly chop the tired_housewife.jpgonions and garlic because I hate that job and I’d rather get it over with.  And might as well open the tin of tomatoes while the onions and herbs are all nicely frying.  Yikes!  I forgot!  Little boy needs a clean polo shirt for school tomorrow.  Might as well put a full load in while I’m at it.  Damn!  The washer is full of clothes that need drying.  Will have to take those out first and hang them out.  And gosh!  Isn’t that kitchen floor filthy!  Will give it a quick mop over then……that is it.  Just time for a quick lie in the sun.  Will probably manage to grab half an hour before the school run.  What’s the time?  Ye screaming gods!  I’ve got minus ten minutes to get to school!  How the hell did that happen?

Oh, I really need some sun on my skin.  I’ve never been so pale.  I’m no sunworshipper.  Don’t think that.  I don’t do sunbeds and I don’t lie in the sun all day, roasting and turning every half hour like a pig on a spit.  But a little bit of sun is good for us isn’t it.   It’s a good source of vitamin D and it makes us feel good. 

And my kids – they look so healthy.  Their noses are smothered in sun-kissed freckles and their limbs are so golden and healthy.  All from playing out.  Playing out at school play-times and playing out after tea.

Me?  I’m still looking white-washed but my laundry is all done, my house is clean and – strangest of strange things – my kids actually got their tea at….well, at tea-time.  And I got to spend more time with my kids, playing and chatting and finding out about their day.

Yes!  Super Yummy-Mummy is me.  But only for today.

Happy sunshine day. 🙂


5 responses to this post.

  1. You think and the devil decides. Once a mother ever a mother.

    When you think least of it you’ll catch that sun you’re after.



  2. Well Jose, it’s another lovely day here so maybe today I will get….all my ironing done. Lol.


  3. Try
    extreme ironing…
    Perched on the roof or while
    abseiling down the sunnyside of the house. 🙂

    Or just
    “Not do anything today
    that can be postponed till tomorrow”.
    (Sometimes that tomorrow never comes…so what?)
    This is my mantra, to make the most
    of what I really like, life is too short.
    The ironing pile is perpetual, a nice sunny day isn’t.


  4. Ironing while abseiling. I might just try that. Thanks little indian!


  5. Little Indian, I’ve done some abseiling in my time. And I’m an expert with the old iron so maybe your suggestion would work. Lol. Actually, a friend of mine does her ironing outside on sunny days. I tried it once but I kept ironing poor unfortunate little flying creatures which would suddenly land on the garment I was ironing. Makes a right mess of white shirts.

    Life is too short and we should always make the most but I ended up missing the day again. I had to do some errands and return some late library books. What a total waste!


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