That old chestnut ~ The Politics of Envy

I’ve heard it all now! 

The anti-G8 protestors aren’t protesting against globalisation and all the gross the inequalities it has created.  They aren’t protesting against the corruption and the greed of our leaders and their continued failure to eradicate poverty and deal with climate change adequately. 

No.  According to Ross Clark, they are simply wealth-bashing.   What an excuse for inaction!

Ross you stupid man.  We don’t hate the rich.  We hate a world where opportunties are abundant for the rich to get richer by the use of corruption . . . and off the labours of the poor.   A world where our leaders use our money to exploit…and spin…and take away our rights…and refuse to listen to us…and make empty gestures towards world poverty and climate change.

Simple really.


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  1. The British PM, Mr. Tony Blair, is preparing a tactical retreat in view of his American master’s recent opposition to the European plan for the environment. Mr. Tony Blair, again, is showing he lacks dignity, not only as a person but as a top representative for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    What’s really happening? How can he dare to go against the Britons’ needs in environmental problems?

    The Independent


  2. Ross who!

    This comment makes him out to be a complete plonker when it comes to understanding economics;

    ‘What about the people who sew the £10,000 handbags together — surely the more that the wealthy spend on their handbags, the more they earn?’

    Not necessarily and certainly not proportional to the business’s increased profit margins.

    He is right on one thing because I noticed thiis too after 9/11; that the anti-globalisation protests suddenly dried up after the 9/11 attack. I was cursing Bin Laden. 🙂

    But now they’re back and the rich elites will certainly have noticed.


  3. Well…I hate the rich, just for the record. Bloody scumbags, the lot of them…


  4. paddyK,

    Is that you in the picture avatar thingy?


  5. Jose, thanks for the link. Blair was hoping that Bush would repay some of that blind and devoted loyalty he has been recieving for all these years but any fool would know that’s not going to happen. The best final thing Blair could do before he goes would be to morally boycott the G8 summit. But I guess that’ll never happen either because he won’t be able to resist his last chance to play on the world stage and it would be grossly hypocritical anyway given that he has been a key player in the G8 for so long.

    What’s bugging me even more is the bloody nuclear conflict between the two squabbling babies, Bush and Putin. These silly tensions are overshadowing all the vitally important stuff.


    Matty, I see now. How charitable of those shallow women who sooo love their designer labels to provide those poor workers with their half-penny wages! Yep, the man’s a total plonker.

    Paddy, the rich – they do make it easy to hate them don’t they.


    Matty if that’s Paddy in the avater thing, I think I’m in love. 🙂


  6. Well, I don’t part my hair quite like that, but otherwise it’s a fair representation.


  7. Gorgeous! 😀


  8. Stunning! 😉


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