Happy Days!

Another gorgeous day in my part of the world yesterday.  And today looks set to be the same.

I hope it’s the same for you guys.   

I actually managed to get half an hour in the sun and the Steve Wright show on Radio 2 kept me company.  He was playing some golden oldies and much to my pleasure he played the very great and wonderful Teenage Kicks by The Undertones.


My brother-in-law is a brilliant guitarist.  And I mean brilliant.  He is self-taught and if he’d gone down the musical road I think he would have been up there with the best of them.  I’m not even slightly exaggerating.  You might be interested to know that back in his uni days he once played on stage with Joe Cocker

Anyway, he could/can play almost any tune on demand and many times after a night out, he would come in from the pub and I would bug the hell out of him until he played me his version of Teenage Kicks  (still do now sometimes).  He was so good.  I always preferred him playing it on his acoustic guitar but he would sometimes play it on his super-duper precious Fender and it would sound so good.  He was ever-so-humble about it and would tell everyone that Teenage Kicks is one of the easiest melodies to play.  Yeah…for him maybe.

Talking of guitars, my little boy finally starts guitar lessons today and I bought him a guitar.  We did have an old guitar but it was “loved” so much that it became unfit for any serious play.  So, I traded it in for a new one.  And here is the little man trying it out.  Looks quite the natural with it doesn’t he.  I must remind him that it’s an acoustic guitar and he musn’t go around the house acting out his School of Rock dream with this one.  

And take note of the dirty knees there.  Remember me writing about those dirty knees and his pockets?  Well here’s the proof.  The picture there doesn’t show the dirt in a true light but don’t zoom in on them because trust me, they’re really quite filthy close up.  Well, t’is actually muck mixed in with bruises.  He’s always got lots of bruises on his knees and all the way up his shins.   Ah, little boys.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Hey EP, that’s fantastic. Good luck to your dirty kneed budding guitarist. Come to think of it, that might be a good name for his first band, The Dirty Knees. He does look like a natural, do you think he’ll be a strumming rocker or a classical picker? Practice, practice, practice.
    Enjoying what nature is giving us here in Atlantic Canada too, warm sunshine and eating outdoors. Doesn’t get any better.


  2. I myself play a little the guitar and better a little musical instrument typical of these islands, called the “timple”, there’s no translation for this in English.

    I observe your little one is left-handed, which will make it a little more difficult for him to learn, as all guitar methods are meant for right-handed people. But what’s important here is his interest and dedication. If his mother is any indication of what he’ll become, I am sure he will be “somebody” in the musical field.

    And music is one of the most important helps a human being has to understand the world around her/him.



  3. And I see 1loneranger has emerged at last. I wish him from here the best.


  4. Hey Loneranger, lovely to hear from you. I’m not sure where he’ll go with his guitar – rock or classical. Both I hope but I have a feeling he will soon want an electric guitar too but we’ll see. He really enjoyed his first lesson. I sat in with him and watched and was amazed at the concentration on his face. And he’s never put his guitar down since so there doesn’t seem to be a problem with his practise so far. Lol.

    The Dirty Knees” I like it. I will tell him. 🙂

    Glad to hear nature is being kind to you over there Loneranger and I hope you’re healing well.


    Jose, thanks. You’re right…he is left-handed. His guitar tutor has told him to play his guitar the right-handed way and he doesn’t seem to be having too much of a problem. He uses scissors with his right hand and he uses a knife and fork the right-handed way so maybe he’s a bit ambidextrous. He really enjoyed his first lesson and on he way home he told me he was going to be a guitar teacher when he grows up.

    I looked up the timple Jose and it looks a bit like a ukulele. My Grandad used to play the banjo ukulele. And interestingly, his mother, my great-grandmother, taught classical violin. Maybe my son gets his musical love from them.

    Spanish guitar (flamenco?)sounds lovely. His tutor played a bit of Spanish guitar music to demonstrate the different styles and it sounded lovely.

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the importance of music Jose. It really is good for the soul.


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