Time to trash the G8?

UN official Jean Zeigler said that this years G8 summit in Germany should be the last one. 

“Arguing that “another world is possible,” he observed that globalization as pursued by the G8 leadership had lost its way and that there was a need for a new “revolution” from below.”


Amen to that!

These are the richest countries in the world getting together at our expense and achieving a big fat NOTHING.  The G8 is just a self-selected group of elitist leaders putting on a very expensive Five-Day-Wonder of falsely compassionate unity towards global social and environmental issues with no real intention of ever giving up their one-track, unbending globalisation agenda. 

These summits have proved year after year to be utterly futile.  The leaders won’t listen to us.  Gawd, they can’t even listen to each other!  All they’ve done thus far in Heiligendamm is simply re-package existing unfulfilled pledges and present them to the world as active care.

What’s more, each country’s representatives, each year, leave huge carbon-trails and it’s worth mentioning that this year, according to Carbonfootprint.com, the US team’s G8 footprint was the largest.

Maybe those leaders should show some sensitivity when they meet up to discuss the world’s hungry instead of spending obscene amounts of tax-payers money on ludicrous banquets and futile summits. Maybe instead of running up gratuitously large hotel/flight/security expenses, our money could be used for the betterment of humankind.  Yes, perhaps it is time to stop this annual false charade and demand real action. 


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  1. Amen.


  2. The mere fact that they meet is obscene. Why should there be a group like this? The answer is simply that their assets obtained at the expense of the rest of the world cannot be relinquished. What they really do in their meetings is brag their abilities to keep squeezing the world’s juices in their own benefit.

    The G8 is composed by the US, Russia, Germany, Britain, France, China, Japan, Italy and Canada, if I am not wrong, and they are allegedly the riches countries in the world.

    Ha! the “really” rich countries in the world are those whose natural resources have served the G8 to become rich and whose markets have also helped in this pursuit.

    There have always been rich and poor, the saying here runs, but in my opinion the concept of rich when applied to countries is a falacy, to prove this just turn your eyes to the poverty reigning in those 8 countries forming the group, the richest of all them having a proportionally larger quantity of poor people in its territory.

    As the UN official says, it’s about time for an overhaul in the economic politics of the world and make the distribution of richness as is due.

    Hypocrisy doesn’t help to raise the living standards of anybody, if it is of any help it is only for the benefit of those who use it.


  3. Jose, It is obscene! I absoluely agree with everything you’ve said. And some good points regarding the richness of a country and what qualifies them as being rich or not. Yes, the so-called richest countries of the world do indeed have much wretchedness in their own countries. They fail their own citizens and make promises to help the world!

    Great post.


  4. Yes, great post. In fact, hugs all round 🙂 . And it’s another sunny day out there … yah!


  5. Hugging you back Matty.

    Enjoy your day…xx


  6. Be careful with the sun, Matt, that it is more aggressive is also to be blamed on those 8. LOL.


  7. It’s 97 degrees here! Miss ya Hun xxx


  8. Hm…dissolving (rather banning) the G8 seems to be a good idea!!

    Not just on the environmental front…the G8 sounds a dumb idea….and doesn’t seem to work as wel!

    Meanwhile, this is what the Indian PM had maintained before leaving the country for the G8 thing…

    “Our viewpoint, is that while addressing climate change, due care must be taken not to allow growth and development prospects in the developing world to be undermined or constrained.”

    And this is what I read just a while ago:

    “Prime Minister (of India) Manmohan Singh has bluntly told the G8 industrialised nations that they cannot impose on India any targets on checking greenhouse gas emissions as the ‘time is not ripe’ for such a move.

    So…lol..it seems the world leaders have also stopped listening to the G8!!


  9. G8 people meet to design what future measures they must take to keep enriching themselves, no more no less. Remember that the corporations that work in India used to work in some countries of the G8, namely the US. And remember that those leaders of the G8 also bow their heads to the bosses of the corporations.

    In politics what you hear is not what you get.


  10. Maybe we should start a ‘Scorched Earth’ summit and tell those so-called leaders how we are going to spend our taxes.

    If given the chance at a ‘fantasy summit’ what would be the one most important action you would bring along to the table?

    I’ll kick it off with;

    I’d have each share transaction taxed at 0.5%, with proceeds going into a UN administered trust for forest conservation (that allows access for indigenous peoples).

    Your turn folks! 🙂


  11. MissyL, missing you too. When are you coming back? It’s been like years.
    Hi Govind, thanks for your input. India is on a development path and rather than hinder that path, the Western world could help by encouraging India to use renewable technologies and to invest in Green-friendly companies in its development.
    Jose, again – true words. No doubt, large greedy Western corporations will be pushing their way into India’s development looking to exploit – and take, take, take.
    Matty, great. I’ll support your forest conservation idea.

    I know this isn’t an original idea but my input would be to totally rehash the current world trade system which was created by the G8 and only benefits the G8 countries along with the large corporate giants. It’s an unjust system which is detrimental to the poor.
    Yes, I would bring about full Trade Justice – to bring people out of poverty.


  12. So we have;
    * Fairer trade
    * Forest protection

    Come on folks, we want your ideas!

    Dive in; http://www.teach-nology.com/worksheets/early_childhood/color/dive.gif


  13. I remember Britain in the 1950s. You could raise your eyes to the sun without any problem contamination was so heavy then. Nearly 20 years afterwards you couldn’t do that, London’s skies were clean and the sun was really bright.

    Why can’t that be imitated in India, China, Japan, etc, etc? There exist means to help clear the atmosphere apart from the use of new sources of energy.

    I second Matt’s ideas of taxing heavily those who contaminate to use that revenue to clean our lungs.


  14. i’m losing my mind, and i don’t think it’s cleve. Huda Swithun.


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