Deputy Leader Voting

I recieved my ballot paper last week from Unison for the election of Deputy Leader.  It is a preferential vote – ie – we vote by placing a 1. in the box by the name of our first choice, 2. for our second choice and so on. 

In order for my vote to be eligible I have to tick a box confirming that I support the principles of the Labour Party.  This is a fair enough policy.  It wouldn’t be right for non Labour supporters to vote in such elections although I’m sure there will be no shortage of unscrupulous types who do not support the Labour party but will tick the box just the same and then tactically vote, putting the worst candidate for the job as their first choice so that the winning candidate might not represent the true choice of the voters.

Of course being the conscientious gal that I am, I could never partake of such disruptive mischief so I will not be ticking that particular box and will not be voting. 

In any case, there isn’t a name among that six-pack that deserves my vote.


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  1. What do they want? I mean do Labour leaders want to place the onus of the appointment of their leadership on your shoulders? Couldn’t you choose someone of your neighbourhood instead of the ones that are mentioned in the attached list? If you can’t, then you cannot be demanded to toe the line they draw for you, can you?


  2. Is Jose not there in the selection … damn! Then I ain’t voting either. 🙂


  3. I know Matt! Jose would have got my vote too. . . without a doubt.


  4. LOL, friends, a politician must be born a politician, not me thank you very much.


  5. Jose, I agree!

    Funnily enough I also got a ballot paper through the post today. There’s no option for voting for a donkey so I’m going to pass. I like donkeys.


  6. Yes, Jose. Fair point. You have way too much integrity and decency to be a politician.

    Matty, I like donkeys too. Far more intelligent than politicians.


  7. Do you know in Catalonia, Spain, they are breeding donkeys to sell as pets? It appears to be a lucrative business, at least Catalans are celebrated in the country for not undertaking uncertain businesses.

    I wonder what the donkeys might think of it. LOL


  8. Hmmm, donkey for Spanish president? It could catch on.

    But the donkeys might then look down upon us!;



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