I’m a bit behind with the news but I was relieved to hear that the two men monsters who killed their daughter/niece, Banaz Mahmod in a so-called honour-killing have been found guilty of murder. 

One of the frightening aspects of these honour killings is the low threshold of what’s percieved to defile honour.  Men can interpret any minor thing as a defilement of their honour and will hence feel justified in their use of violence against women.   And truth doesn’t come into it.  A mere allegation is enough.

While I would always recognise the advantages that colourful diversities of culture offers, it must never come at the expense of human rights.   People should never be allowed to hide behind their culture in order to get away with committing such atrocities.  And women should not be subjected to violence and oppression under such ludicrously mediaeval and barbaric traditions.  Their universal human rights should never be compromised, culture or not.

I unequivocally condemn so-called honour killings.  There is absolutely nothing honourable about them.  It’s murder.  Nothing less.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Honourable are those who respect the life of a human being above anything else.


  2. Yes Jose. If only more people thought like you.


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