That Beastly Media

Tony Blair thinks the media is a “feral beast“.  Lordy!  He can talk!  He took “spin” onto a completely new level and he is now criticising the media for exposing his failures and his chronic lack of integrity.

Yes, the media has a social responsibility that admittedly, it all-too-often disregards, but Tony Blair and his co-politicians tirelessly worked the media to their own advantage when it suited.  Yes, only when the media isn’t dancing to your song is it a feral beast eh Tony? 

Just walk out the door Blair, for goodness sake.


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  1. I think the culture of 24hr news has caused empty hype. The media is however right to watch politicians and I agree with the Sun editor that Blair had it easy … until Iraq.


  2. He is reluctant to let go, but has no choice.

    Iraq was to be his crowning glory, did not happen.
    On the contrary he has lost his integrity and credibility,
    and he knows it.
    He will have to blame someone for it.

    As if to say,
    “I had to make a choice
    I chose to lie and deceive,
    but you were not to know about it.
    Its the media’s fault they exposed the truth”.


  3. I suppose he isn’t criticising his soul media master, Rupert Murdoch. After all, Murdoch, helped him get the seat he’s been sitting on since his election, as he helped Señor Aznar and their puppeteer, G.W.Bush.

    I am thinking history now will not be written by the victors, the media may have a hand in it somehow.

    And I bet Blair will not be a bright light in it.


  4. What a whining wanker Blair turned out to be…suddenly the Media, who mostly backed him to the fucking hilt with the Iraq invasion, are “feral” because they happen to not agree with him.
    And anyway, everybody must know by now that the media are scum…


  5. Matty, yes, and so many people fall for the hype and the sensationalism.

    Little Indian, so very true. Well said. He has no credibility and needs to just shut up and go.

    Jose, yes, the media tycoons, Murdoch in particular, have the politicians on a string. When Rupert Murdoch calls, they jump. He has way too much power, influence and control over policy decisions. Scary stuff.

    Paddy, WW Blair. I like it. By the way, I loved the “Lights out for Democracy” post you wrote today. It’s brilliant.


  6. ~ Off the topic:
    Thought you may find this link interesting.

    Chat later x


  7. Hi earthpal

    Not having your email, I put this here and of course move it once read.

    I’m interested in your thoughts to the following debate and whether you’d ultimatelt put your money into it, via a shared purchase or otherwise;



  8. Hi again
    Just to let yourself & your readers know, I’ve started a new blog today called ‘Environment Solutions’. I’m focusing on positive news that details, as the blog title says, solutions for the environment. My first post is on current progress with renewable energy in the US;
    Everyone is welcome to report good news over at ‘Environment Solutions’! 🙂


  9. Thanks MissyL. It looks very informative. I’ve ‘favourited’ it (not sure if that is a real word but hey ho, I like it).
    Hi Matt, I wrote a comment on the Cool Earth post and it seems to have been zapped away.
    I love your new blog Matty. Great idea. It’s now on my blogroll. I’m rushing off to work now so I will catch up with you all soon.
    Have a good day.


  10. Thanks earthpal 🙂

    Don’t know what happened to your Cool Earth comment. If you have time could you send something across again? I value your opinion/thoughts as always. Need that positive input!

    Hope your day at work was OK.


  11. Work was ok Matt, thanks. Got a day off today so yay!

    I re-sent my comment but it still hasn’t appeared. It says it is awaiting moderation. I also posted one to your new blog and that said the same.


  12. I really don’t understand why your comments are going into moderation; must be all those swear words you use. 🙂 I’ll see if there’s anything I can do about it.

    Day off. Lucky thing! Btw, excellent comment of yours over at The Coffee House and appreciate your support at too. 🙂


  13. OK. Regards ‘moderation’; the blog is set up to put comments into moderation if there are 2 or more links within a comment, to protect against spamming. Your last comment had 2 links.

    I’ve now changed the setting to 3 links or more. 🙂


  14. Ah, that makes sense. Thanks Matt.


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