Catching Up

Well my, my . . .  seems to me that it is busy season in Blogland right

I see that dear MrZhisou has got a new and fantastically high-flying job so a thousand congratulations to him – from me.  I also note that he has been doing some male-bottom gazing but it’s not as sordid as it sounds and you can check for yourself here.  He was also ‘pleased’ by a pair of women’s boobs but that’s just men for ya.  Which hetero-male wouldn’t be pleased by the sight of women’s boobs? 


The wonderful and clever Matt who works tirelessly to fight for our good Earth, has started up a very excellent and most important new blog here which will focus on environmental news that is all-good and encouragingly-positive.   This is just what we are in need of  – positive stuff about people’s efforts to tackle climate change actually paying off and getting results.  Good luck Matty.


My lovely friend Misslionheart has finally got back from her fantabulous family trip to Disneyland in America and is now righfully blogging again where she belongs. minnie.jpg Welcome back MissyL.  It’s been like years!  Oh, and her blog was one-year-old this week so Happy BLOG Birthday to her.  She is stressing out big time today on her blog because, like me, she is an Alpha Mummy with an amazingly ridiculous list of chores that really does go beyond the realms of realistic expectation.  Well, forget all that crappery MissyL.  Put on some chill music, take five (and thirty) and do nothing.  


Bindi is coming to Europe!  Yay!  I would so love florence.jpga night out with Bindi-babe.  She is so warm and vivaciously cheeky.  Among her Euro-destinations is the quite beautiful Florence.  I went to Firenze once and fell in love with the place forevermore.  I won’t have it said that it had something to do with the utterly gorgeous Swiss/Italian boy I met there.  Sigh.  Ho hum.  Wishing you a great trip with your family Bindi. 


And. . . . .

The very funny Paddy is still calling a spade a spade and being as sneeringly witty as ever.  Today he is sinking his sharp caustic wit into the hypocrisy of new Irish minister for the environment, John Gormley.  And quite right he is too.  Paddy that is, not Gormley.

The kind and gentle Jose is still going round loyally supporting all the blogs he likes to visit.

Dearest Little Indian continues to write thought-provoking accounts of his views. 

And sweet Helen is still writing beautiful poetry.

And on the non-blog front – ie – the real world. . . well there isn’t much news there.  Nothing ground-breakingly intriguing anyway.

We have finally got a room painted in our one-year-old house.   I say ‘we’ but what I really mean is my husband.  We decided that we couldn’t bear to spend another whole Summer staring at endless magnolia-coloured walls so we forsaked  forsooked  forsook abandoned our holiday plans this year and we are going to use the time and the money to get the house painted instead . . .  so we can stare at endless multi-coloured walls through summer instead.   And the first room to be painted was one of the smallest.  The bathroom.  Yes, we are going to start small and work up.  Baby-steps and all that.  So now, our family bathroom is a cool shade of mint green.  I say cool but it has actually had the effect of warming it up.  And waking it up somewhat too. 

Last night my daughter and myself attended an induction evening at the high school where my daugter will be going to this September and we both had to endure a uniform policy lecture that almost made us lose the will to live.  And it came from the most droning, boring mouth on Earth.  After this, I was coerced into believing that my daughter must have – no, absolutely life-or-death needs –  a school tracksuit.   A tracksuit most unlike any other simply because it had the school logo badge thingy sewn on.   So, great indignations at that because I could have got the same tracky minus the logo for half the price elsewhere.  So, a necessary but not altogether exciting evening.

Anyway (and finally you’ll be relieved to know) – some goody-gumdrops  news:  my youngest daughter Anna (the one with the shiny new school tracksuit) passed her cycling proficiency test last week and is now proudly cycling around the estate like she was born with two wheels. 



13 responses to this post.

  1. Decorating … no, please! You reminding me that we should be doing the same thing. Oh so tedious but, the results are worth it. But oh the agony of choosing colours. 🙂


  2. Yes, it’s tedious alright. And choosing the colours is a nightmare! The stuff that divorces are made of.


  3. Money well spent. You can take a break later in the year Earthie. Just sort out the spare room for my Princess. She likes most colours, but her fave at the moment is lime green 😉


  4. Hi earthpal, you pinged?
    (use the same voice as Lurch on the Adams Family, ‘you rang?’)

    Well yes the blogosphere is a happening place when you put it like that. Heaps of action. I am actually coming to London for a week too, but I have been there before so I didn’t include it in the ‘thanks for the tips’ post.


  5. MissyL, your Princess will be treated like a Queen. Can’t wait!

    Hi Binds. Lol. I love London. But only to visit. I would hate to live there. My two youngest have never been and Anna declared a while ago that she thinks we should take her because it’s not right that she’s never been to the capital city. I will call up my friend who lives there and drop hints.


  6. > I love London. But only to visit. I would hate to live there.

    Oi, earthpal, what’s this you dissing my home patch! If you’re talking green space, London is 46% green!!! The most green capital city in the world. 🙂 This weekend I’m taking the kids to a fun day in an ancient woods …only down the road. Yesterday I took my son over to an area full of canal boats, marshland etc. etc.


  7. Oh, sorry sweetie. Didn’t mean to cause you any offence. Lol.

    I do love London. Dear old Ken has done wonders for it’s Green credentials. But I live up in the North West of England and I am used to the hills . . . my beloved hills. The further South I go, the flatter it gets.

    Hope you have a lovely day with your kids this weekend. Sounds great.


  8. Yo, Earthie, get yer skates on! A Bindifest is just what you need. A warm-up for our get-together! 😆


  9. Hehehe. Can’t wait.


  10. OK girls, see you in July!


  11. I wish! 🙄


  12. earthpal and misslionheart, drop me an email if you will be in London between 21st and 27th July and would like to catch up!


  13. Hi Bindi, I will be on my holidays if all goes to plan. If all doesn’t go to plan, I will try to get down there.



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