I Must Read

lake-beyond.gifToday I bought a book from the local library and it was all of 10 pence.  I don’t know why I do this when I have an ever-lengthening long list of books-to-read.  I just can’t resist the Sale trolley at the library.  No book is ever more than 50 pence so even if it’s a total waste of time, it’s not like I’ve lost much.

Anyway the book I got today – t’is entitled A Lake Beyond the Wind and it’s written by Yahya Yakhlif.

The story is set in a lakeside village in Palestine during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war and is told mainly through the eyes of a teenage boy.

I will post a review of it . . .  if I ever get round to reading it. 


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  1. Eee, Earthie. Yer a bugger for a bargain!

    Thanks for the mention. I’m just going to sit back now with a glass of wine, feet up and watch mi’ stats soar!

    Luv ya x


  2. the book sounds interesting, does it look well written?


  3. MissyL, hope they soared hon. Mine are almost dead. I think I’m going to do a Zeddie – dump the blog and stare at bottoms instead.
    Bindi, it does look well written. Apparently, it’s an excellent translation. Some reviews here if you’re interested:


  4. earthpal,
    if you ever have time
    and haven’t already read,
    please try ‘The Pastures of Heaven’ by John Steinbeck.

    Not one of his well known ones.
    But its a book that always travels with me.


  5. Little Indian, thanks for the recommendation. I will most definitely add it to my list. I cried at Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. So did my strapping great big nephew!


  6. Books! My great passion, pity my time does not cope. I’ll try to get that book, though, because I am very interested in learning about the opinions of intellectual Palestinians. Not really people that are mentioned in all the problems that land has. Something worth knowing.


  7. Yes, the book mainly focuses on the lives of the ordinary folk of the village and of the huge changes enforced upon them because of the war.

    I’m going to start it just as soon as I’ve finished Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle which is taking me forever!


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