The Coffee House on China

There is an interesting and informative discussion going on over at the Coffee House regarding China’s recent status as the world’s largest CO2 polluter.

Click here if you’re interested.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I sometimes come to think if all that is said about China is not the product of serious competition because of its growing importance in the commercial world.


  2. There is a certain amount of China bashing that goes on, particularly from the US who are frightened of China taking over their no.1 spot in all regards.

    Personally, I love China, having travelled there. It’s an utterly fascinating place.

    On the environment side of things, China has surpassed the US in total emissions but, not per capita. Here the US citizen is still the highest. CO2 emissions are a global topic though, not a country by country blaming game. That will get us nowhere! 🙂


  3. Spot on Matty. Well said. A blame game is a dangerous distraction from the actual issue and the action needed.


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