Food Fight!

I’m really not sure if I want my children to have children.  The thought of them having to live in a world that we always thought belonged in the blockbuster film industry scares me. 

From the Independent

Climate change has become a major security issue that could lead to “a world going up in flames”, the United Nations’ top environment official has warned. From rising sea levels in the Indian Ocean to the increasing spread of desert in Africa’s Sahel region, global warming will cause new wars across the world, said Achim Steiner, executive director of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

“People are being pushed into other people’s terrain by the changing climate and it is leading to conflict,” he said. “Societies are not prepared for the scale and the speed with which they will have to decide what they will do with people.”


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  1. I have been observing some indices that a generalised conscience is being aroused around the world. Let’s cross our fingers that right reasoning at long last enters the heads of our leaders and industrialists be taken to task, otherwise as you say, Earthpal, we would be wishing our grandchildren better forget about descendants.


  2. Yes, there does seem to be a feel of a creeping realisation of the inevitability of it all.


  3. Nah, those that haven’t been heard, have been rubbished for so long on the enviornment and it’s needs are finally getting their chance on stage.

    That’s all.

    They want to make sure the message is driven home while the world is listening. Only then will action proceed to greater heights.

    And it has already started.

    Peace brothers and sisters. Peace and calm.


  4. Fair comment Matt.

    We need to keep calm. I am too easily disillusioned these days. That’s why your new blog is so useful. 🙂


  5. The new blog; yes, I also came to a mini crisis last week about the huge amount of news out there on the environment, much of it very doom & gloom. Suddenly I realised, fuck it, I’m going to take control back for myself, from the mainstream media fixation on gloomy and sensationalist reporting and focus on the positive and excellent work being done by many to tackle the environmental challenges facing us all.

    And you know, once I started focusing on just the positive I could be so much out there that is good, that is being achieved. It’s very inspiring and serves to inject a positive outlook into the start of each day!

    I’m still contributing to The Coffee House because that is about debate, which is very important although often a bit gloomy. Still it is also an inspiring blog format in its own way.

    And earthpal, you know I appreciate your positive thoughts and ideas so don’t be a stranger! Btw, your idea of the World Land Trust has been instrumental in defusing a tricky situation regards Cool Earth and The Coffe House’s idea of purchasing an acre of rainforest for conservation. There was basically heated disagreement about Cool Earth but I don’t think anyone has a problem with WLT. So, well done earthpal!! 🙂


  6. Matty, you are so right to focus on the positive stuff. And I love your new blog. It’s inspiring and infectious and I’m not going to give up on the Green fight. I love The Coffee House still too but I hear what you’re saying about the need to be positive and encouraging.

    Thanks for your kind words Matt. I won’t be a stranger. I would miss your cheeriness too much not to. I will keep up with both blogs as much as poss and give you feedback.

    Glad I was of some help in your Cool Earth dilemma. 🙂


  7. Matt, does that mean you won’t have the time to be “Editor / Political correspondent” of the Coffee House?
    Pete 😉


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