Blogless . . . or Blogging Less

love-heart.jpgI read somewhere recently that using green font means something.  It means something quite bad but I can’t remember what the heck it actually is. 

Well ha!  Whatever bad thing it might be, me being quite the risk-taker . . .  the defiant, look-fate-in-the-eye and blatantly-dare-it-to-punish-me kind of girl, blog in green I bloody well will.  Anyway, green is the predominant colour of nature so it can’t possibly mean anything bad.

So – onward:

Do you remember me saying a while ago . . . And I also think it’s about time I got up from my safe and comfy warrior-armchair and got active.  I’m going to join her.” . . . when I blogged about this?

Well, the training starts soon.  I’ve no date as yet but I’ve been informed it will be in the next few weeks.  It’s pretty intense too so they tell me.  It can be most harrowing and it will certainly weed out the unsuitables.

So, suitably sorry though I am, this blog is going have to take a back seat for the time being.  I’m finding it hard to keep this place alive as it stands now, so when I start the course and consequently start helping out at the refuge (and keep up the day job), I am simply not going to find the time to blog with any semblance of quality or usefulness (did she ever I hear you whisper, lol). 

What’s more, my dear little blog here – it started out as a predominantly Green blog – a place to vent my thoughts about this beloved Earth . . . about injustices, inequality, political insanity, corruption, inhumanity etc..  And it’s been great as an outlet for my daily ponderings of life and stories about my children.  But lately I’ve kind of lost direction a bit . . . that or I’ve said it all and have nothing more to say.  I don’t know.

But I will try to keep you informed about how I get on with the Women’s Refuge thing and I will definitely keep up with all my favourite blogs so you haven’t got rid of me altogether.  T’is just that my blogging here will be scarce for the forseeable, if at all.  

And I just want to say a humongous thanks you guys for supporting this blog with your continuous feedback and encouraging comments. 

Maybe I’ll be totally rubbish at the Refuge and they will tell me to bugger off on day one.  Who knows?  I just want to do something.


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  1. earthpalllll *hugs* all the best with the Women’s Refuge thing 🙂 I’m sure going to miss your posts ! Do pop in a couple of lines once in a while!


  2. Go with the flow earthpal. We’ll be with you.

    I’m sure you will find need and time to talk with us. 🙂


  3. I had come to look on you as a friend here.
    I have valued your comments on my blogs.
    I’m feeling kind of sad now.
    My very best wishes.
    I’ll miss you too.

    (Sure its not the golden meadow you are off to? 🙂 )


  4. They need you more, good woman yerself! XXX


  5. I’ll miss you, but you must do what you must.


  6. Don’t worry, Earthpal, you are gifted, you’ll succeed and we will winning because I trust your experience will be our experience, too.

    Take care, dear friend.

    All the best+++


  7. Flowerchild, thanks sweetie. Will do.

    Hey Matty, I’m sure I will. Thanks. Yes, maybe I will need to offload and this blog may well be the ideal place. But I am expecting the refuge thing to be emotionally-challenging for me and I just want to focus on that for now.

    Little Indian, you sussed me. T’is the golden meadow luring me down there. Lol. Thanks for your kindness. You’re a love.

    Thanks MissyL. I just hope I can be of use to them in some way, big or small.

    Thanks Helen, I won’t be happy with myself until I’ve at least tried to be of some social service somewhere. Sounds silly but I’ve banged on enough in here about stuff. Now I need to do something. I know it’s nothing huge. I’m hardly giving up my worldly goods and trekking across Africa to help malnourished babies or anything. I’m just giving up some of my spare time to support abused women and children.

    Ah, dear sweet Jose, thank you. I will share my experiences if I can.

    I will keep up with your blogs and I will post comments. I am just finding it increasingly hard to keep this one thriving at the moment and once the refuge thing starts, it will obviously get harder. I will update the blog as and when I can once I find my stride at the refuge (or not as the case may well be). I’m probably making it bigger than it really is but I’ll soon find out.


  8. Dear earthpal, you might find the desire to blog even as you move on to other things. Best wishes for the new direction though. xx


  9. Well done EP, you´re doing the right thing and I´m impressed. Good luck.


  10. Bindi, thanks very much. Yes, this blogging thing is very addictive and you’re probably right that I’ll want to blog. I just might not get the time to, not initially anyway.

    Enjoy your Euro trip Binds. I’ll catch up with your blog asap. xx

    Hi Zeddie. Thanks. Yes, I think I’m doing the right thing too. Well I hope so anyhow.


  11. Hi earthie,
    if you do succumb to the addiction
    and happen to visit the blogshere,
    I hope you visit and comment on my blogs too.


  12. Oh yes, Little Indian, I’m not disappearing altogether. I will keep up with all the blogs on my blogroll as much as possible.


  13. Like your new blog title. More positive.

    Embrace the world earthpal!



  14. Can’t help feeling ‘earthpal’ doesn’t look quite right as ‘EARTHPAL’, but that’s probably just me.
    All the best,


  15. Hey Scorchie,

    Love the new blog title!

    See you soon xxx


  16. Good Luck and you will be missed.


  17. I like the title too.
    It reflects your cyber personality. 🙂

    I feel using upper and lower case
    like > earthPal


  18. your site, doesn’t like my messages 😦
    it chews them up!
    read in continuation as:

    like >> earthPal
    tells me of a bond
    between two close friends
    ‘earth’ and her ‘pal’…just a thought.


  19. Thanks Matt, MissyL and Little Indian. I like the thought of the. . . “bond between two close friends

    Hi Pete, I know what you mean about the capitals but this theme doesn’t give me an option.

    Thanks Pocket, I will catch up with you all as and when I can. No start date yet for the training sessions but they should be soon.


  20. > No start date yet.

    Then I bet you’re just itching to give us a classic little bit of ‘earthpal'(c) blogging … ain’t ya. 🙂

    You know, just to while the time away. 😉


  21. Hi Matt. I just found your message above in my spam box. You spammer, you! Lol.

    No, still not heard from them but I’ve been so busy this week. I will catch up and get blogging soon.

    Have a good day. 🙂


  22. Damned spam boxes. Something to do with wordpress me thinks cos all sorts of ‘safe’ messages are going into ‘moderator’ mode for some reason.

    Good to see back earthpal. 🙂


  23. Thanks Matty. I never seem to be able to get near the computer these days. The kids do so much stuff now that I am meeting myself coming back.

    This is my haven.


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