Monday Randoms

Gordon brown’s wife, Sarah, is receiving much admiration from the press for her demure and dignified presence.  She’s already perfectly playing up to the role of doting, quiet wife-in-the-background.  But there’s bugger-all submissive and wallflowery about someone who headed one of the most powerful PR agencies in Britain.  Don’t be fooled.  She’s one sharp and shrewd tough cookie.


Do you know?  Some people pay other people to *be them* online because their hectic lifestyles don’t allow them enough time to spend online themselves but feel *online time* is obligatory and too important to neglect.  source.  So if there is anyone out there who needs an online blog/network ghost, email me.   I COULD BE YOU!


It has rained non-stop since we bought and fitted a rain-butt to catch water to use for the garden and for washing the car.  Why bother? . . .  she says with an eco-shrug.


My little boy plays the air-guitar in the shower – with sound effects.  Its’ sooo funny.


My youngest daughter got a 5b for her science Sats test.  Yay!  


My little boy got 5/20 in his spelling test.   Not so yay.   But he can burp the whole alphabet.


We went to see Shrek the Third last week and it was just brilliant.  Ever-so-funny and sweet.   Princess Fiona is just the best.  Some great British actors names up there in the credits.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Well done to your daughter! And I can’t wait to hear your son!…….. 🙄


  2. I congratulate your daughter. Spelling? Who doesn’t make a mistake in spelling, let alone a little boy whose main care now is for the guitar?


  3. Thank you both. Will tell her.

    Jose, well pointed out. His head is full of guitar playing now.


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