A Tag Post

Helen has tagged me and the theme is … ten random things about me. 

T’is hard to think of ten random facts about me that would make an interesting read.  When I try to think about stuff pertaining to me, it becomes dismally clear that I am an ordinary and really quite boring person.  No quirky little obsessions that I could reveal . . . no bad habits.  I’m not even brave enough to lie and make stuff up (and I repeat myself because I’m sure I’ve said this before).

Anyhoo, here are ten random and boring (but true) things about me . . . . .

  1. I once squatted in a tree for five hours with some protesters who had set up camp in ancient woodland to protect it from bulldozers.  They were going to flatten it to make way for a new motorway.  The squatters were eventually evicted and the motorway happened but not without a costly inconvenience because of those wonderful tree people.
  2. I eat Mars Bars by biting off all the thick chocolate on the sides first, then eating the soft bit and saving the caramel till last.  Very messy.  There’s usually chocolate all round my mouth throughout the event.
  3. I bought Cliff Richard’s Millennium Prayer CD when it was released.  I don’t know why!  I have no explanation and I’m still seeking therapy for it so please don’t take the pisht.
  4. When I was about ten-years-old, I broke up a quite serious fight between two sixteen-year-old boys.  Everyone was chanting, “Fight! Fight!” (as they do) and I was getting worried because the underdog was being strangled and was literally choking.  I honestly thought he was going to be killed so I shouted for the other boy to stop but he carried on.  Everyone had gone quiet because they sensed it had got out of control but nobody did anything.  I panicked and tried to get the boy off by pulling his hair but he was a flippin’ skinhead so there was nothing to grab.  I started to pummel at his back with my fists.  He tried to shrug me off but eventually he got tired of me and stopped.  The fight broke up and everyone dispersed, somewhat relieved I bet.  Looking back, I think I was very brave.  Little me!
  5. My shoe size is 3 and I am small and slim.  But I hate, HATE being called petite.  Please know this.
  6. I am not in the least bit superstitious and I provocatively walk under ladders all the time but try telling me there’s no such thing as the tooth fairy and Father Christmas and I will sob and sob.  And there really-are-fairies-at-the-bottom-of-my-garden.
  7. I am nearly always late.  A dreadful habit that I am constantly trying to break.
  8. My work friends call my right breast Gorbachev.  We went to a fancy-dress party and I put a fake tattoo on my boob.  It was hot and the tattoo started to run.  Of course they took a picture and they said my boob looked like Gorbachev’s head.  The name stuck (as they do).  (Sorry Little Indian if I’ve put another image in your mind).
  9. I wet the bed until I was about eight-years-old.  (Did I really say that?)
  10. I think I might be an egotistical bore.  Well I jumped at the chance to talk about me and I’ve rambled on instead of sticking to ten basic facts so maybe I am completely vain.  How sad.

I’m tagging Pocket, Misslionheart and Bindi.  It’a a girl thing.


7 responses to this post.

  1. Vain? My God nothing farther from reality.


  2. A brave peace-maker? ofcourse.
    A swampy-ite eco warrior? that was easy to guess.
    A mars bars nibbling petite fairy yourself? perhaps.
    But WHAT is this about carrying Gorbachev’s head on you?

    thanks for another image,
    now i will not be able to look at any photos of
    good ole Mikhail, and for that matter, Yeltsin and Putin
    for who knows, whose…


  3. He earthpal, a brave post! Lots of people would give their right breast to be called petite.


  4. Thanks Jose.

    Little Indian, I do this. I say things then regret it later. It was the runny tattoo that formed a shape similar to that of the birthmark on Gorby’s head. Lol. My friends have warped imaginations.

    Bindi, haha. I guess petite’s not so bad really. Glad you’re enjoying your Euro-trip. I’ve tagged you if and when you get chance.


  5. I *knew* you’d tag me!

    Give me a while……..


  6. golly, ten random things! OK I’ll give it a go. Ta.


  7. Looking forward to it Binds.


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