Crocs ~ just too ugly to wear

If this doesn’t justify my pure hatred of those bloody awful-looking Croc shoes, then nothing will.


Somebody impeach him now!! 

They are phenomenally popular right now.  They come in a range of obnoxious colours and aremulti-crocs.jpg all of an extra-wide fitting.  Gawd!  I’d never manage to keep the lumbering lumps of foam on my tiny feet.

My friends at work are all wearing them and I tell them they look like multi-coloured Shrek feet!  Nothing wrong with Shrek feet of course . . .  on Shrek!  But they don’t care.  They say they are wearing them for the comfort, not the style.  Apparently they are ever-so-light and more comfy than house-slippers.  One friend tells me she keeps hers on all the time indoors. 

Anyway, the important question for me is, what’s their environmental impact?

They are made out of PCCR (patented closed-cell resin).  The manufacturers rightly claim that the shoes are more durable than most others and will last longer which is actually quite irrelevant given that they are a fad, a high-fashion item which will not get the chance to be durability-tested by the consumer because they will be discarded way before then to make room for the next trend. 

Being made from a single material makes for good recycling efficiency.  The company also says it is developing a programme for recycling which is just as well because remember, the shoes are, first and foremost, a fashion item – a one-minute wonder and they will be mass-produced to meet the fickle consumer-demand. So, an unsure half thumbs-up for being eco-friendly so far but the downside is that, as always with mass-produced goods, there will be enviro-implications.   

And, predictably for the fashion-industry, they’ve taken the Crocs to another levcroc-boots.jpgel.  They’ve designed a rubber-soled Croc boot.  The green boot there doesn’t actually look too bad apart from the rubber sole which is a real turn-off.   And of course these might not qualify under the same eco-criteria that the clumsy clogs do.

But, all-in-all, they’re horrid. 

If any of you own a pair, ever-so-sorry is me.


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  1. I work in a hospital and it seems like everyone wears these damn things. I wonder if they saw this picture if they would be so proud. 🙂 Nice find!


  2. Hi Justevolvin.

    Yes, I work in a hospital too and it seems that everyone thinks they’re perfect for that particular work environment. I suppose they’d be easy to wipe clean with an alcowipe so maybe they’re seen as good infection-control policy.

    They just look awful! And the fact that Bush has endorsed them by being seen wearing a pair makes me wonder if he’s got an invested interest. Lol.


  3. OK earthpal, you’ve gone too far this time. My 3 year old son is coming round to wag his finger at you. He loves his crocs!!

    They were given to him by his grandparents. They are incredibly durable, comfortable and very easy for him to take on and off. I give them 9 out of 10, losing one point for a horrid colour range!


  4. Matty, I honestly meant to say in the post that they’re great fun for kids but awful on adults. I just forgot. Honest I did.

    I’m expecting my daughter to ask for a pair any time now. Tell your little boy I think he looks way cool in them.



  5. They are truly vile. Give me another example of when people will wear something brutally ugly “for the comfort and not for the style”. Of COURSE it’s for the style – people see them, people want them.

    They were banned in a Swedish hospital for knocking out delicate machines with static. Maybe they also knock out their owner’s brains.


  6. Well that’s interesting about the Swedish hospital. I will take great glee in telling my colleagues about that on Monday.

    Even if I did like them, I would never wear a pair now that I know Georgie-boy has some.


  7. do the cry too?


  8. They probably do now that George Bush is wearing them. Lol.


  9. Of course.
    Now I really know the meaning of ‘crocodile tears’.


  10. I think they look pretty horrid on anyone…
    My seven year old asked for a pair this summer, and I managed convince her (just) that they were too clumpy and too wide for her slim little feet, and now that I have seen Bush wearing them, I am soooo glad I didn’t buy any for my daughter! Yukkety yuk.


  11. Little Indian, Tee hee. I can’t get the song out of my head now … “never smile at a crocodile”. 😀

    Hi Miss cellany, nice to hear from you.

    Hmm, my daughter has very small and slim feet so maybe I can talk her out of getting a pair. That said, she hasn’t asked for any yet. I’m surprised. She doesn’t seem to have caught on to this latest shoe trend.


  12. Thank you for this post. I can’t understand why people are wearing them everywhere – maybe my feet are too narrow but I have put them on at my parents place (while putting the dog out) and can’t keep them on either. I’ve often wonder what the landfills will look like once people get bored with the *comfort*.


  13. Hi Melanie, well according to the manufacturers, they are recyclabe. You can send them to an address in Colorado and you have to write “RECYCLE” on the outside of the box. I’m not sure how they actually recycle them but I doubt that many croc wearers will bother to go to the trouble and expense of doing that anyway. And in any case, if every single croc wearer did return them, the carbon footprint from the air miles might just cancel out the recycling benefits anyway. Ho hum.


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