One man is going to extremes to bring attention to climate change.  He swims.  Sometimes in extreme conditions but always challenging.  He has chosen swimming in order to bring attention to the world’s oceans.  He’s just completed a 1km swim in the Arctic.  Apparently, as soon as his body enters the icy water, it shuts out the cold in order to protect his vital organs and his body temperature raises.  This process is known as ‘anticipatory thermogenesis’.

Describing his Arctic swim he said . . . . .

“I am obviously ecstatic to have succeeded but this swim is a triumph and a tragedy – a triumph that I could swim in such ferocious conditions but a tragedy that it’s possible to swim at the North Pole.”

And he’s not just a handsome face with a supple torso.  He studied law, was a maritime lawyer in London and now spends time defending the Earth and lobbying world leaders to protect the environment.  He is also an Ambassador for the WWF.  More info about his campaign on his website

I’m not sure how big a carbon footprint he is leaving in his travels across the world with team in an effort to raise awareness, but I’m sure it’s a lot smaller than the recent Live Earth event.  Good luck to him.


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  1. Hi earthPal,

    while I applaud his ‘extraordinary’ effort to raise awareness, and agree that ‘ordinary’ will not change our awareness to the problems we create as only the extraordinary seems to capture attention of people these days.

    I disagree with his message that the ‘ordinary’ will not change the world.

    For it is the simple and ordinary things that will make the difference, like turning out the lights when not needed for instance.

    And it is these little ordinary actions, within our ordinary capabilities, in our ordinary ways, in our daily ordinary lives.

    Things that are easily done. What do you reckon?


  2. little indian, I think a combination of the two.

    I saw the guy being interviewed, or rather heard it on tele. Not just the water being -1.8 degrees C but also the sheer blackness of the sea scared the living daylights out of him.

    It is interesing how some individuals take it upon themselves to save the planet in such a public and dramatic fashion. Being a city boy I’m sure he has had few real problems raising the money needed for his stunts, sorry, … adventures.


  3. thanks matt,

    I am not taking away anything from this gentleman’s achivements. Sometimes something extraordinary needs to be done to give us a jolt.

    I was commenting about the message on his picture.

    If rephrased to “the ordinary will change the world”
    meaning even the apparent ordinaries can be as effective as an extraordinary,
    it may have had a more significant impact.

    Just a thought, really.


  4. That’s a very good and fair point Little Indian. It’s not a very encouraging slogan. All ordinary people living their ordinary lives can do ordinary things that can have an extraordinary outcome.

    And Matt, I think ‘stunt’ is probably as good a word.

    I do think his ‘Arctic swim’ message effectively illustrated the devastating climate change impact in that it was actually possible to swim there because of the rises in the Arctic ocean temperatures. Wouldn’t have been possible a few moons ago.


  5. Bush’s “stunt” saying that the internet took too much energy is a hint of what he and his would do if they were permitted.

    Perhaps what the Washington, and anywhere else, neo-cons would do is switch the whole cyber world off so as to save themselves so much shame.


  6. little indian, I think you make a good big indian point! I agree with what you’re saying whole heartedly.

    Jose, yes, Bush boy would just luv to silence all that criticism and piss taking wouldn’t he. Roll on 2008.


  7. Yes, Bush would just love to get away with banning the internet.

    Roll on 2008 indeed!


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