Legacies ~ Bush and Blair

According to a CNN report that I seem to have mislaid, somebody called Voinovich from the GOP says he has warned Karl Rove that George Bush needs to salvage his legacy – quickly.  He needs to come up with a doable plan of withdrawal from Iraq.

This really prickles my skin. 

Tony Blair was also quite desperate to distract us from thoughts of Iraq – to leave us with something nice and heroic-like to remember him by.  He really thought he could walk away from Iraq and what’s more, it’s bloody irritating to know that already Gordon Brown in his first weeks as PM, is trying to distance himself from the Iraq turmoil, hoping that we’ll give him a fresh start and forget that he was an ardent supporter of the war.

What makes these stupid people believe they can just walk away or that they can salvage anything at all from the death and destruction that they’ve caused?  The very fact that they are looking for a cleaner legacy just goes to show that they are fully aware of their failures – that it’s all gone horribly wrong.  But what’s more important for them?  Saving face!  Hundreds of thousands dead or maimed people, lord knows how many refugees, a country torn apart and all they care about is their legacy. 

They can’t unbomb the cities, the schools, the hospitals.  They can’t bring back the bombed dead.  They can’t reconstruct the maimed bodies of survivors.    

The Iraq legacy belongs to them.  They did it.  Nobody will forget that.  And many people are paying the price of their reckless agenda and many more will sadly pay the price in the years to come. 

The Bush/Blair Iraq legacy is secure.  And the Bush legacy – one of being the worst American president in history, is solidly written in stone as far as I am concerned.  He will come to be seen as an historical disgrace.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Blair was driven by his egoistical desire to creating his place in history. To be known as the new saviour.

    He gambled on how to do it. He lost.
    Had he been really doing it for Iraq and
    the Iraqi people, he would not have gone to war.
    Even he had the intelligence to know the risks to civilians.

    I hold everyone in his ‘war cabinet’ responsible for this disaster. Including Mr Brown. I hope the publics memory survives till the next election.

    Claire Short, got tempted into siding with him with promises of more power for her office. Who knows what would have happened if she too had pulled out her support?
    The only person who later redeemed himself was Robin Cook.

    Bush, on the other hand,
    I don’t think even knows the meaning of the word legacy.


  2. Couldn’t agree more Little Indian.

    Robin Cook – I had a lot of respect and admiration for him, and more so after he made his stand against Blair.


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