Whacky Hair Days, Moving on and Melancholy

Gosh, What a busy, busy few weeks it’s been.  The end of term is fast approaching and my middlie is leaving primary school tomorrow to start high school in September.

It’s a big transition and one in which she’ll have to adjust from being at the top end of school … the oldest year group with all the responsibilities, expectations and respect that this brings, to being in the youngest group again – the babies. 

That said, the transition to high school is a lot easier and much more gentle that when I was at school.  Nowaday the kids get to spend a ‘sampler’ day at their new school.  And open evenings are held where they get to meet their new tutor and co-students.  And they hold several after-school activities that the year six pupils are invited to attend.  My daughter took part in the netball coaching sessions which she muchly enjoyed.  They even have a cyber-buddy system whereby each child, should they so wish, is assigned a cyber-buddy who will be an older pupil from the school.  So, any new children with any particular concerns or worries about starting at the school can email those concerns to their cyber-buddy who will try to give them reassurance and support.

See, all that and I’m still worried.  I’m sure she’ll be fine.  She has no trouble meeting new people and she does seem to mix well with most people, probably because she’s such an accepting and tolerant child who never judges people at face value.  It’s just that they’re so protected and cared for at primary school and all that tends to change in high school.  It gets tougher and harsher.  And our kids – they change too.

Anyhoo, back to the here and now.  Last night the whole of Year six, along with some teachers, spent the evening at an Italian restaurant.  They called it their ‘prom-night’.  And goodness me, the excitement was tangible, needless to say, they all had a great time.

Today they held a Whacky Hair day organised by the school council to raise money for charity.  My little boy went to school with green spikey hair and my daughter went with what she called a Bed Head . . .  I guess that would be the ‘just-got-out-of-bed’ look. 

And it’s not over yet!  My middlie has actively helped to plan and organise the school-leavers service which will be held tomorrow morning – the last day of term.  And for sure, there will be lots of tears.  There aren’t many in her friendship group that are going to the same school so I’m expecting lot’s of tearful goodbyes.  You know how girls get with the emotion thing.  When one or two of them start wailing, the rest, not wanting to be left out, usually follow through until all the girls are blubbering and sobbing and competing with each other to be the loudest wailer.  No doubt there’ll also be some shirt-signing going on and they will probably all have their address books at the ready.  For the leaver’s service and the DVD (yes people, they also made a leaver’s dvd) they voted and chose to use Green Day’s (Good Riddance) The Time of Your Life for their “theme-song”.   I don’t think the Good Riddance bit has any relevance (well maybe for some it has) but I think it’s just the “‘time of your life’ part of the lyrics that grabbed and reflected their feelings.

You can have a listen and a watch of the Green Day video and song here.  Gawd!  How I love this song but now I just can’t get through it without crying.  For the past couple of weeks I’ve been walking around with a lump in my heart and feeling yearningly sad and wistful.  It’s kind of like feeling homesick before you’ve left home.  And I’m ready to cry at the silliest of things. 

Yes folks, as pathetic as it seems, I’m having a hard time accepting the passing of this particular stage of my daughter’s life.  I am excited for her and I’m eagerly anticipating fun and challenging times ahead but part of me wants to cling on to the current age of this dear, sweet-spirited child who takes everything from life and gives more back.

One thing that brings me comfort is that I know for sure my daughter has really made the most of her primary school years and she hasn’t missed an opportunity to get involved at all levels.  She was voted to represent her class in the school council and this has been a valuable and interesting experience for her.  And I think it’s fair to say that she has given as much as she’s taken from her school-world as indeed, her school report very much reflected.  I don’t mind telling you that the personality comments her class teacher and the Head teacher wrote about her on her school report made me swell with pride.  I think it’s fair to say that no matter how academically successful our children are – no matter how many awards or accolades they may receive, it matters more that they take away fond and happy memories of their school-life and that they are well-prepared for high school with good and solid values towards each other that they can commit to and uphold.  

And lordy-lord, pathetic trout that I am, I’m crying again!  Do you think I should just turn off the Green Day song?


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  1. Reading this account of an episode in the life of your children, Earthpal, I cannot but think of the huge gap that exists here between high school and university. Students accessing the university find themselves at a loss to understand the subjects that are explained there, meaning that their university studies will trail for a time before they get used to the new system, many of the students withdrawing altogether after a time.


  2. *I think it’s fair to say that no matter how academically successful our children are – no matter how many awards or accolades they may receive, it matters more that they take away fond and happy memories of their school-life*

    Here here!


  3. aww…earthpal…*hugs*…dint know parent get all worked up when kids go thro diff stages of school life…wonder if my parents were that worried…hehe…
    whacky hair day…hahah…cute pic ! the kids look adorable 😀


  4. earthpal, seriously now, we know you really want to be up there on stage at the leavers assembly belting out that Green Day song!

    …hehe…whacky hair day…hahah…cute pic !



  5. Jose, I wasn’t aware of that. I’m sure it must make many students feel disillusioned enought to quit.


    Flowerchild, thanks. There were some great hair-do’s. Some of the kids went to a lot of effort to look whacky. And yes, flowerchild, I’m sure your parents shed mny a tear over your growing up.


    Matty, lol. Nah. I’m really quite shy.

    The service was so lovely and all the mums cried and many of the kids cried and the teachers cried. Even my little boy cried. My daughter cried lot’s. I mean LOT’S.

    They made a DVD (we all got a copy) which showed them doing some of their activities at Robinwood earlier this year – brilliant!! It also showed random clips of them in school – their school-life – assisting the little ones – playing cricket, cheerleading, working, laughing . . .

    They played some of the dvd at the service (with the Green Day song playing) and we all cried buckets. It was so sweet and funny.

    Lot’s of great and happy memories.


  6. Beautiful picture Matt. Thanks. You have one for every occassion don’t you.


  7. I planned the whole of July on a wall-chart. Different activities for the children to do each day. Next Monday is ‘Silly Hair Day’…I’ll post pics.

    Meanwhile, pop over and see what I’m wearing today! 😆


  8. Hi earthpal,

    Photography is one of my passions. The internet has something for absolutely everything and everyone. ‘Google images’ is the planet’s third eye. 🙂


  9. MissyL, hehehe. Looking good honey.

    Matt, hi. Yes, the internet . . . how did we manage pre the net?


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