Oh for the Wisdom of Children


4 responses to this post.

  1. Tell us more about this video, earthPal.


  2. Nothing much to tell Little Indian. I just loved the simplistic truth of the boys words about trees. Didn’t you realise I was a treehugger? Lol.


  3. I was curious if you knew how the video was made
    or did you know the brothers who made it.

    A tree hugger, I know,
    that is another image I have of you.

    You have said you used to be a nurse,
    and are an environmentalist, a tree hugger.
    I once knew someone like you, who
    refused to wear a nurse’s cap on grounds of sex discrimination.
    Perhaps you may have come across her.


  4. Hi Little Indian. no, I have no info on the people who made the video apart from what’s written about it on You Tube.

    And I don’t know the nurse who refused to wear her cap. In my first nursing job, we had those caps but wearing them wasn’t compulsory and I rarely wore mine – just now and then when the mood took me.


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