Hi folks.

This blog’s not dying so please don’t go away for good.  It’s just that it’s that time of the year again when the kids finish school for a hundred and twenty weeks and it’s raining a lot so I have the entire neighbourhood’s kids running rampant in my house, destroying or eating all my worldy goods and basically ‘trashing ze joint’.

So – when I get a clear head and can grab the ‘puter off my eldest daughter, I’m sure you will be thrilled to know that I will chuck out a few rants.  And I have some schmooze awards coming up too so polish your ballgowns, brush down your shoes (erm) and get some speeches prepared, there’s an award ceremony to be at.

ta ta for now. 😀


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  1. I hope, earthpal, you aren’t having problems in your place with all this rain that found Britain in its way. It’s drizzling today here, something not usual in summer time.


  2. My eldest had four friends for a sleepover on Sunday night! They had fun, but the tidying up afterwards.. Ugh! Then the following day two of them they asked if they could come back again. Their Mum was going out and they didn’t want to go with her! Get lost!

    We really need to be harder on the children who come over to stay out of the rain, they always come at mealtimes, too. 🙄


  3. Yes ma’am,
    thank you ma’am.

    I am still trying to cope with the
    images in my head and hearing voices.

    Are we graduating into quickies now, earthpal? 😉



  4. I found that a whip in one hand and a chair in the other was what I needed when my kids (now both in their 20’s) had friends over on rainy days. When everything else failed, I would loudly recite some of my poetry until they all left 😉

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


  5. No Jose, it’s been ok here, thanks. Lot’s of rain but no flooding.


    MissyL, yes they do appear at mealtimes. Last night, would you believe, I had two lingerers at 10 pm waiting to be served some supper.

    Little Indian, I can always fit a quickie in when needed. Lol.


    Clapso, thanks for the advice. My own poetry would do it for sure.


  6. Hi Earthpal, Enjoy (???) your summer. Before you know it, they’ll be grown. Thanks for all the publicity for the Darrell Grayson case. Helen


  7. You’re welcome Helen and thanks. I will stay up tonight to await the outcome. I’m hoping.


  8. Hiya EP, I was going through our member list and remembered you left us a while back…Just wondering how you are doing. 🙂

    BTW…nice blogsite!!


  9. Hey Andy! How lovely to hear from you.

    I still take a peep at NBP now and then. And I’m sometimes tempted to rejoin but so far, I’ve not plucked up the nerve. Not sure I’m ready to face up to the likes of Glen (amongst others) yet. Lol.

    Regards to all and thanks for saying hello. I hope you and yours are all well. Is that sweet little Andy jnr still giving you hell? I hope so. 😉


  10. He is three now!!And yes..he is!!:)

    Still what I lack in energy now I make up in experience ( bribery and corruption….works like a charm!!):)

    you should come back and stir up things a bit, even just for a little while!! Glen is still here but he has calmed down a bit…well not really.;)


  11. Hehehe. Bribery works like a charm on my kids too.

    Perhaps I will come back and visit you guys at NBP. I’m a bit busy at present with the kids being off school etc. but I will find some time. In the meantime, nice to hear from you Andy. Call back soon. 🙂


  12. Posted by old andy on August 11, 2007 at 10:11 pm

    EP, I was going to post a pic of jr, but how?


  13. Andy, you can’t post pictures in the comments box. The only way would be to post a link.

    I bet he’s a real cutie.


  14. BTW, you missed a great barney on CPI….;)


  15. Oh er, I’ll have to join to see view the pic and to read the barney.

    Should be good. Did it involve Mr. Filthie?


  16. Only in as much as he joined in the public stoning of Alice in Wonderland…I have to admit, a good time was had by all,except Malice….. 😉


  17. Oh, I must see that. I need to join first. 🙂


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