Jam Tarts and Sunshine

Well, as a timely respite from all the rain, for the last few days, it’s been really rather pleasant in my part of the world.  Yesterday it rained on and off but on the off moments when the sun (hyperlinked in case you forgot what the sun was), took its chances and pushed through, it was really rather lovely and quite the glorious vision to behold.  

But curses!  The good weather just couldn’t sustain itself.  Today I woke to a menacingly heavy and dark sky – huge black clouds that kindly contained themselves while I was getting ready for work and continued to contain themselves while I drove to work.  Then they watched me circumnavigate the car park thrice and twice more until I found the only parking space available – a space that (sigh) was located at the furthest point from the building that it could possibly be.  And the clouds continued to bide their time wait patiently for me to get out of my car.   And . . . of course, as soon as I stepped out they struck out – with glee!  I swear I could hear them laughing!  And would you believe me if I told you that as soon as I got into the building, the rain stopped? 

But, you guys don’t come in here for the weather report (or to give me sympathy) so I’ll move along.  On account of all the rain, in order to keep my cherubs occupied, we baked.  Actually, my kids baked.  I just hung around drinking endless cups of herbal tea (in china cups Paddy if you’re reading this) and moaning about the mess.  But I had to step in when the pastry became mightily uncooperative in my little boys hands.  And let me just grab this randomly opportune moment to boast tell you that when I was at school, I was the star pastry maker.  Yes, I was.  I can’t cook for toffee but I can make super pastry.  I think it’s all that kneading and all that gooey mess that I seem to have a natural affinity with.  (There you go Little Indian – another image for you).  Anyway, yes folks, so renowned were my pastry-manipulating abilities that I became know as Patty “Flour-Fingers” Pasticciotto.  (And you just know that’s a lie!).

Anyway, you folks don’t come in here to learn the art of pastry-making so I’ll move on (and out, I promise).  With a little pastry-help from moi, this is what my little darlings made (pretend you can’t see the huge chip in the side of the plate)….



P.S. . . do you think I abuse the use of brackets?

(Thing is, I’m always full of afterthought).



10 responses to this post.

  1. Your brackets are as lovely as the chip on that plate. They give things a homey feeling…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


  2. Thank you Clapso, that’s very kind.

    Smiling back at Little Indian.


  3. I’ve never served dessert with chips (I don’t think)

    Oohh, the brackets thing is catching (methinks)


  4. Lol. Jam tart and chips! Haven’t you ever tried it? Yummy!


  5. I like tarts, especially sweet ones. If I send you an SAE …


  6. I’d rather have the chips, please.
    Jam tarts are no good for my cholesterol. 😀


  7. Ok Matty, a sweet tart is on its way to you.

    Little Indian, lol. Just make sure you go easy with the salt because it’s really bad for the blood pressure.


  8. Just when I was craving for something sweet 😦
    Why oh why earthpal 😦 😦


  9. Aw, sorry hon. They’re not that naughty actually. The filling is low-sugar jam and they have the teeniest sprinkling of sugar on top.


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