Unsettling Sleepovers

My middlie slept over at her friend’s house last night and the wind was very noisy outside my window. 

What’s the connection I hear you ask. 

Well whenever any of my children are away from hopyjama-party-010.jpgme and the weather outside is anything but calm, I get an absurdly irrational feeling of unease.  If it’s blowing a gale, or if there’s a storm, or if the rain is pouring down, or there’s lot’s of hail or snow, anything – fog even, I have this instinctive need for my children to be at home . . . . with me, safely tucked up in their own beds.  And when they’re not, I become unreasonably anxious.  I can’t settle.  And sometimes my imagination gets carried away – being cut off by the weather, major catastrophes, unable to get to my kids . . . .

Is this a syndrome of some kind or do I watch too many Hollywood blockbusters that have foreboding themes? 


3 responses to this post.

  1. I think it’s called being a parent. I’m off to Norway tomorrow to meet up with my parents who are doing another Europe tour thingy. They wanted some ‘quality’ catch-up time with their son, which means my family are staying in London until my parents arrive in the UK later in August. Do I want to be away from my family for a week …. noooooooooooooooooooo!! I certainly don’t.

    So I understand how you feel earthpal. 🙂


  2. When I was little I used to stay awake at night when my older brother and sister would go out and wait for them to come home. I used to have terrible visions of them getting into car crashes (with each other on their way home from their separate events, naturally). I often couldn’t fall asleep until they got home. I worry about how I will be when I have children – yikes!


  3. Hi Melanie. It must be a deep protective instinct we have for our loved ones. Sorry to say this but you’ll probably be even worse when you have your own children. Good job they’re worth all the worry. Lol.


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