“Axis of Global Warming”

Our dear friends at Avaaz are running a campaign.  This time it’s to prevent the attempts by Bush, Howard (Australia) and other high-pollution governments to sabotage progress on a global climate treaty.

Bush, fully aware that the climate change movement is now too powerful to openly and publicly fight against, is trying to rally round a group of high-polluting countries and build a permitted-to-pollute alliance with them.  Australian Prime Minister John Howard has already been accused of “outsourcing Australia’s climate change policy to George W Bush.

Fact is, this Bush strategy is an attempt to undermine the existing efforts by the international community to fight climate change and his reasons are clear.  The international community will soon be negotiating the next phase, seen as the successor to the Kyoto protocol, which will include global binding targets for emissions reductions.  Well Bush wants none of that.  So, at a climate change conference to be held later this year at his behest and including all the largest emitting countries, it’s believed he is going to present his Bush-friendly alternative – a “new global framework” (relying on voluntary targets) which is at best, vague and lacking in detail and at worst, a diversionary tactic which will dangerously conflict with the international process and undermine the years of progress already achieved hence gravely slow down and hinder the fight to save our planet. 

Unfortunately, we do not have the luxury of time.

Read about the Avaaz campaign here.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Bush and his cabal are oilers. Oil is the most contaminant agent in the world, the whole of our system is based on oil and its derivatives. The solution would be for all that industry to change tack and convert machinery, cars, ships, planes, the lot to earth-friendly machines. The problem will be that this may be achieved but at the cost of those who ignorantly used them for all those years: we, the people. And the same elite of always will be in charge of it.


  2. Jose, unfortunately you’re right. It seems that the ruling elite will always control and hold all the power.


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