Climate Change Bill Not Enough

The governments climate change bill is simply not strong enough.  So sayeth a coalition of MP’s and peers.

You may have already heard that the group is urging the government to toughen up and legally enforce its carbon laws and that aviation emissions (well of course!) should be included in the targets. 

Friends of the Earth made an important point regarding the Bill in that the government should secure the accountability and commitment of future governments to the targets and not allow itself to slack on its targets commitments in the belief that it can blame it’s successor government for any failures:

“The Bill must include a robust framework that ensures all future Governments are held accountable for their role in keeping the UK on track to meet its emission reduction targets. If targets for reducing emissions span more than one Government’s term in office a Government may avoid taking action to cut emissions, knowing that its successor will get the blame for missing targets. Friends of the Earth has proposed annual targets for cutting emissions so that it is clear whether or not the Government in power is on track for delivering the emissions reduction targets.”

FOE Press release

In the meantime, here are some pics taken by my husband who is currently working at BOWind (Barrow Offshore Wind Farm).  Not such a dreadful sight are they. Although he does tell me that about 50% of the turbines aren’t working.  





5 responses to this post.

  1. People breathing emit carbon, should would knock of large group of them to conform as well? What about celebrities and government officials and their private jets, why don’t we ban those and make them fly commercial?


  2. There are turbines here, too. Rumours have it that they are the result of research for new alternatives, as always made by the Power Corporation supplying electricity to the islands. Fake researches and a way to keep the whole power business in their hands.

    Yes, madmouser, too many private air and sea craft are contributing importantly to the contamination, as are all those spacecraft.

    If the deserts of the world were used to set up solar panels, perhaps a large part of the problem could be solved.

    The poser is who would pay for it?

    You know the answer.


  3. Hello Madmouser. Yes, absolutely. Private jets should be banned. And yes, humans do breathe out carbon dioxide. Our greenery is there to absorb it. T’is called Photosynthesis. Wonderful thing isn’t it, nature. Thing is, we are also pumping out vast amounts of co2 by our activities, much more than our plant life can cope with. Add that to the fact that we are destroying those very carbon sinks that we need to remove the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and the result is the predicament we are in now.


    Hi Jose. Offshore wind is a viable renewable alternative to fossil fuels and I’d much rather look at a few wind turbines than a great big spluttering nuclear power station. It’s just unfortunate as you say that many of the energy people who profit so much from oil will also profit from renewables.

    I also support other renewables such as wave and solar power. And as you say, the world’s deserts are surely a great source for solar-energy farms. It would still mean that we would have to import much of our energy leaving us dependent on those who lay claim to the deserts.


  4. Nuclear reactors should be banned and there have been reasons for this along the years. Not only they are a latent risk but also their waste is getting more and more difficult to be disposed of.

    Deserts? Well if things go like they are we will be having deserts everywhere.

    Solar energy can be set up in homes compulsorily, but the huge power corporations will not be too pleased with this. On the other hand not everybody can afford these innovations in their homes.


  5. Hi Jose , I agree that solar panels should be fitted onto every home and I think there should be grants available to those on a tight budget.

    And I am totally opposed to nuclear energy.


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