Sky Show


The Perseids.

Let us hope for clear nights this weekend so we can enjoy the not-man-made heavenly show in full.

There will be a new moon which means the skies will be darker and better for observing the show.

Have your cameras ready.


14 responses to this post.

  1. Oh dear, plenty of London light pollution may ruin our chances down here but, if I’m up I’ll give it a go!


  2. Thank God sky pollution is not heavy here. We can still see stars in any clear night. For how long I can’t say.


  3. According to the astronomer’s, meteors should be visible from cities to a lesser degree despite light pollution and smog. Worth taking a look.


  4. Ooh,when will this happen?


  5. Over this weekend. Last night it rained here and I saw nothing. I think tonight/early tomorrow it reaches its peak.


  6. I’ll look out for that, Earthie.

    I’m linking this post to mine. 😉


  7. […]   Earthpal over at Scorched Earth has an interesting post about the  The Perseids  with a lovely little pic to go with it.  I love […]


  8. It’s a bit cloudy where I am and it’s not showing any signs of clearing.

    Sigh, looks like we’re not going to get a free and all-natural light show here.


  9. Was a beautiful night over the big L and I even got to see 4 shooting stars ( 🙂 )but, that was over a period of an hour so, no shower of light for me. 😦


  10. Yes, we kept popping in and out to observe the sky and we saw four shooting stars in total. Lot’s of clouds blowing by so visibility was poor.

    I want my money back. 😦


  11. Hey maybe we saw the same four!

    Was that you riding on its tail? 🙂


  12. I’ll ride on anyone’s tail!


  13. I’m off to bed! 😳


  14. Matty, t’was me indeed. Did you see me waving at you? 😀

    MissyL, like you’d EVER blush!! Tee hee.


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