Camp for Climate Change


 This year the camp goes to Heathrow to show their disdain for BAA and to protest against the planned third runway and the ridiculous government aviation expansion plans.

The camp will run from the 14th to the 21st of August with a climactic 24 hours of mass action planned from midday Sunday the 19th to midday Monday the 20th. 

Mass Action will include protest, direct action and civil disobedience.

BAA have attempted to exploit the vaguely defined Harassment Law in order to gain an injunction against the protest.  They applied to the High Court to try, according to London Mayor Ken Livingstone, to . . .

“ban protesters from within 100 yards of any airport building and from travelling on the Tube’s Piccadilly line, parts of the M25 and M4, platforms 6 and 7 of Paddington Station and from taking the Heathrow Express.”  

Basically they attempted to get a blanket ban on any protests.  If they had succeeded, it would have been a humongously gross civil rights violation but they didn’t. Mrs Justice person all but threw it out and she even made BAA pay all the legal costs of the group’s being injucted against.  BAA succeeded only in gaining a much smaller civil injunction against three individuals and covering a very small area of which the camp is not a part of.  So the camp can go ahead and even the three injunctees will be able to attend.  So a big Up Yours! to BAA although I’m sure there will be some arrests.

George Monbiot has written an excellent article here regarding the BAA protests with some worrying content about how the Harassment Law, along with all its civil rights implications, has already been used several times against peaceful protesters.

Camp information here


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  1. Good on you all for standing up for your rights! Here in the colonies, the bush crime family is robbing us of our rights and very little is being done by the “opposition party” to defend said rights. We The People are taking the fight to the courts ourselves…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


  2. Hi earthie,
    I thought you yourself were confronting
    mass action and a bit of civil disobedience
    at home, during these school holidays.

    I am no legal expert,
    but I believe resorting to the Protection from Harassment Act, just shows desperation.


  3. Clapso, our government is doing the same as yours and is trying to sneak our rights from us. I’ve no doubt that the there will be some conflicts at the camp over the week between the protesters and the police.

    Little Indian, how right you are. I am so ready for them to go back to school!!

    And yes, using the Harassment law in such a way reeks of desperation – and guilt.


  4. Bloody Awful Airport service in my recent experience. Even business people avoid Heathrow if they can. One in 36 bags/suitcases go missing! I even met some poor folk who had been affected and they’re largely foreigners taking connecting flights through.

    The Competition Commission is investigating BAA. The best thing they could do is break it up and I believe they will. They report back in latter half of 2008.


  5. Laws meant to stop crime, as is the case of anti-terror, can easily be used at will to break our rights. Which shows what is hidden behind the governments’ intentions. In my opinion to keep normal people of the street at bay and deter them from any open protest, as happened with the run-up to the Iraq war. If these laws had been in force then we might have witnessed unprecedented actions by the police.

    In short, thwarting the normal process of democracy.


  6. My husband hates Heathrow airport too. The inquiry results should be interesting.
    Jose, how right you are again. We are having our liberties stripped from us at an alarming pace giving the police and the government sweeping powers that they really can’t be trusted with.


  7. Posted by Rob on August 13, 2007 at 7:15 pm

    Well In for speaking on the sane majority against the corporate filth and their protectors.

    We must use any form of action to get our point across – legal or not.

    Our liberties are at stake and we cannot, will not tolerate the government going down the totalitarian avenue that they are taking.


  8. Rob, spot on and well said. Our liberties are being stolen from us and the corporate giants of aviation (and the rest) get to keep polluting the Earth for the sake of their massive profits.


  9. Now the police are claiming criminal elements could be or are likely to be within the gathering of protesters! They’re obviously setting themselves up for going in hard fairly soon. It also says the police and authorities are very nervous about this protest. 🙂


  10. Matt, yes, I agree. It’s anything to break up the protest. Pity the police aren’t focusing their attention and their resources on ‘real’ security issues. Funny how a bunch of eco-campers can make them so nervous. All power to them (the protestors that is, not the police).


  11. Been to the campaign well organised and feisty, these people are the real deal…get down to Heathrow if you can over the weekend.


  12. > Been to the campaign well organised and feisty …

    (translates) … they’re getting the veggie burgers out pronto to hungry, happy campers, served up with an extra dob of chilli sauce …


  13. Hi Derek. Yes they are the real deal and they are heroes. I am hoping to get down there tomorrow or Monday with my children. (Just been over to sign the carrier bag petition. I will post it here too).

    Matty, that sounds good to me. 🙂


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