Something Nice for a Change

I love this story of a young man who rescued a bunch of children from a tipping bus on the Minneapolis bridge tragedy.

To summarise, this 20 year old guy helped 50 children to safety and it later emerged that he had recently dropped out of a skills training programme because he could not afford the fees. 

Since the heroic rescue, he’s been offered an applied science scholarship at a Technology college along with many other offers of help from around the country.  Heartwarming indeed.

But this part is the best . . . ” When President Bush’s staff contacted him to request a photo opportunity, “He was just, like, ‘Nope,’ ” she said.”



6 responses to this post.

  1. Yep.

    Well said and well done.


  2. Good for him. 😎


  3. Yes, that’s just what I thought.

    And that too.



  4. You´ve got to admire a man who rescues 50 kids AND tells Bush where to go.


  5. Proves there is still humanity around us, not in the high spheres of our society, though.


  6. Absolutely.

    Hi Zeddie. Nice to hear from you…xx


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