She Bus

she-bus010.jpgWe took another bus ride today because my car is still not ready.  And guess what?  The bus driver was actually pleasant.  SHE was polite, chatty and friendly.  SHE drove sensibly and SHE was rather pretty too.

So come on you men drivers – you have some equalising to do.

Colour by My Kids


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  1. Women and men are not equal, women are better.


  2. Not better Jose, just different. Women are better at some things than men – and men are better at some things than women. Women are nicer bus drivers.


  3. Women are certainly less aggressive bus drivers.

    My car is back now. In and out in the same day and lets hope it doesn’t need to go back for a long time! Only needed a new battery apparently.

    So my re-intro to bus life has been suspended … phew!
    Hasn’t been too bad really. Sure some grumpiness but then so many other rude passengers wind them up and the job is incredibly tedious.

    Love the kids picture. 🙂


  4. Glad your car is fixed Matt. Mine isn’t!!

    Yes, I’m feeling a touch contrite about my attitude towards bus drivers. I was thinking myself that to be fair, bus drivers probably have to put up with some rude and obnoxious passengers themselves and it’s taken its toll on them along the way.

    I drew the picture although I’m not sure why I’m owning up to that. The kids added the colour to make it more girlie. Lol.


  5. Hey you’re an artist too. Ever the creative one!


  6. A very bad artist at that!! Lol. I like to illustrate my posts but I get concerned about nicking pictures off the internet so sometimes I make my own up.

    Dreadful but keeps me quiet.


  7. Generally speaking, Earthpal, women are better than men. 1. They have us in their wombs and take care of us, I repeat generally, better than our fathers. 2. They are better prepared to face difficult situations. 3. They are prettier. 4. I say so.


  8. Lol. Ok Jose, I will be happy to accept that. Thanks.


  9. Jose says …’They (women) have us in their wombs and take care of us, I repeat generally, better than our fathers.’

    Matt checks his stomach and feels around for sign of a womb (!) Phew! Is pretty sure Jose’s suggestion that men don’t look after a baby in their womb as well as women do, is a little misleading!



  10. They say here, Matt, that if women and men in couples had children alternatively there wouldn’t be more than two children by each couple. I mean the man being the second to become pregnant.

    Nature is wise, Matt, otherwise it would have had us, men, with a womb. LOL.


  11. Too true! 🙂


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