“Black-sheep Clown-Prince”

 Recommended Reading:

History Is The Last Refuge of Scoundrels

Written by David Michael Green

“And then there’s Boy George, himself. Clearly, he too has got the denial thing down to a fine art. No doubt a lifetime of practice will do that for you, especially when the stakes are so high. When you’re the black-sheep clown-prince child of a father and grandfather whose lists of business and political accomplishments (however skanky) run from here to China (pun intended), you better at least be excellent at fooling yourself, since you can’t accomplish anything else that remotely compares.”

This article written  for the Common Dreams website is an excellent analysis of the character and personality that is George W Bush and of his family and the grossly amoral Bush administration.

Well worth reading.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I wonder how it is possible that these news about Bush have remained hidden and not brought to light until his failure as President of the US was patent.

    It speaks of the hypocrisy of those concerned.


  2. Yes Jose, it’s a shame that all is being revealed after the damage has been done.


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